Good morning all, have any strange dreams last night that you’d like to share? I had a few last night but the only one I can remember so far was to do with chocolate cake. I was at some kind of event, there was lots of people about talking among themselves and someone gave me a piece of chocolate cake and a drink. I have no idea what the drink was but the cake was the gooey kind with chocolate sauce on top and soft chocolate in the middle. I ate it. It was good.

I assume that in my dreams I’m not intolerant to dairy and needless to say, I woke up craving chocolate cake.

According to, seeing a cake in your dream means you need to learn to share and allocate workloads. It can also sybolise selfishness, feeling as though you’re not getting you’re fair share. To dream of eating with others apparently signifies harmony, merriness, personal gain and /or joyous spirits.

I think I just want to eat chocolate cake. I dreamed about it because I know in reality that I shouldn’t eat that kind of cake but I really want to.

Does anyone else have food related dreams?


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2 thoughts on “Cake!”

  1. Janineh13, did you know that to dream about an adventure implies that you need a break from your daily routine? Dreaming that you’re on a boat signifies your ability to cope with and express emotions. Do you think either of those ring true with you if you don’t mind me asking?
    Kady Jo


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