Strangled by Indiana Jones

One dream I had a few years that I didn’t need to write down, involved, as the title suggests, being strangled by Indiana Jones.

It’s a lovely warm, sunny day and I’m hanging out with Indiana near the farmhouse that I used to live in at that time. Of course, he’s in his usual outfit with his hat and bag but without the leather jacket and his sleeves are rolled up to just below his elbows. We’re chatting, having a nice time and it seems as though we’re getting on well, he’s even flirting with me. My friend comes along, I introduce them and they start getting along well, too well, much to my disappointment. I’m soon forgotten about, all of his attention is on my friend. I stay with them with the hope that he’ll talk to me again but all he does is glance at me and frown. He looks as though he doesn’t want me there anymore, like he wants my friend all to himself. The next thing I know, he has his hands around my throat and his hat falls off in the effort to kill me.

That’s when I wake up, unable to breathe or move for what seems like eternity but is probably only a matter of seconds. It was my first experience of sleep paralysis.

Wonder what that means.

Well, to dream of being strangled means that you’re repressing or denying an important aspect of your expression. An actor or actress represents ones pursuit for pleasure. Their characteristics should be considered, do you associate with any of them as they could be characteristics that you need to acknowledge or incorporate into yourself?

When I had that dream, I might have been about 17 so I think the repressing or denying an important aspect of my expression is highly likely. I think most people that age feel the need to hide away part of themselves and their feelings, I know I did.

Pursuit for pleasure? Hmm, don’t we all have some sort of need/want of pleasure?

As for the characteristics of Indiana Jones, maybe there were some that I wanted/ needed. The character is strong physically and emotionally, I probably felt that I had neither back then.

The above interpretations could be applied although it’s highly likely that I had just watched one of the Indiana Jones films as I loved them, (still do, not so much the most recent though). I have no idea where the being strangled could have come from though!



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