Spider and A Pint Glass

This dream I had a couple of weeks ago, it’s one of four from that night.

I find out that there’s a spider living in the shelf area of my bedside cabinet. I tell my husband about it and he informs me that it’s a dangerous one. I freak out and start shouting at him as he knows that it’s been there a while and I’ve been putting my hand near it countless times. As I’m freaking out, the spider crawls out of the cabinet and runs along the floor towards me. It’s like four inches big and a horrible pale brown colour. It stops on floor where there’s a random empty pint glass and seems to consider it for a moment. Somehow, it picks it up and takes it back to shelf in the bedside cabinet and manages to hang it up on it’s web and then uses it to live in.

I spend the rest of the night convinced the spider was actually there.

There are a few interpretations of seeing a spider in your dreams. It could mean that you need to keep your distance from a tempting situation or that you feel like an outsider in something. It could be symbolic of an overbearing mother figure in your life or refer to a powerful force protecting you against your self-destructive behaviour. Spiders can also imply that you’re planning your future and setting things in motion.

A drinking glass in your dream can signify healing and rejuvenation.

My interpretation? We have spiders living in the conservatory, one of which is a false widow, these can have an unpleasant bite. Also, like many other people, I have a fear of spiders. Put it like this, if a spider ran towards me in real life I would run screaming convinced it was after me. Why was it in my bedside cabinet? Hmm, I remember when I went to bed that night, my hand brushed against the earphone wire on my MP3 player. The glass? I drink water from a pint glass.

What ever it means, I hate dreaming about spiders!


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