Shop of Experiments

So, I’m outside some kind of log cabin by the side of a road, it looks like a shop of sorts. There’s someone on the steps leading up to the building calling me over. It’s one of my friends. We look through the window to see that it’s a geek shop of sorts, full of TV and film memorabilia, toys and games, that kind of thing. It looks like it’s closed. It’s dusty and faded, like no one’s been in there for a while. We open the door and go in. My friend disappears along with everything inside the ‘shop’. I start to wander around and realise that there’s someone following me, it’s a slim blonde haired man, with short hair wearing a scruffy white t shirt and scruffy blue jeans with black boots. I have no idea who he is but I feel safe with him and he stays by my side the whole time.

All of the shelves in the ‘shop’ are empty and dusty and there are cabinets down the wall to the left hand side of me, to my right is the window looking out onto the road. It’s raining outside. The cabinets are divided into sections. Some are cages, some are tanks, kind of like in a pet shop. I look inside some of the tanks/cages and see that there are bizarre animals inside. One looks similar to a chameleon and it wants to be stroked. The next tank along has two creatures in it, both are yellow and slimy like. One is moving around on it’s four legs but looks unhappy. It tries to curl up like a cat to get comfy but it can’t. The other has collapsed into a slimy goo like state. Further along are larger cages, big enough for humans. I realise the building is for experiments, what kind of experiments, I don’t know. There are people in the cages but they’re not really people anymore, they’re zombie like.(I won’t describe exactly how they look, it’s not pleasant, and I think everybody get’s the idea with the word zombie) They need to be killed. The blonde haired man who’s been following me pulls out a gun and starts shooting as more of the zombies/experiments start appearing from another room. I don’t really know what to do and so don’t do much until I see that one of the zombie like people isn’t dead and is crawling towards me. I panic, pick up some pencils that are on a desk and throw them at the zombie with the intention of finishing the zombie off. Of course, the pencils are useless.

I wake up.

According to, to see a friend in your dream can signify aspects of your personality that you have rejected but are ready to incorporate and acknowledge.

Watching rain from a window indicates that spiritual ideas and insights are being brought to your attention.

Seeing a shooting indicates that you know what to aim for in life.

A stranger in your dreams signifies a part of yourself that is repressed/hidden. Or, the stranger symbolises the archetypal dream helper offering insight and advice.

Being attacked by zombies indicate that you are feeling overwhelmed by forces out of your control, you are under tremendous stress in your waking life.

My conclusion; it was a weird, unpleasant dream that has random things going on (pencils? slimy goo creatures?) and it has left me annoyed over the fact that I have no idea who the man was. I don’t know anyone like that in real life and I don’t think he was from a programme or film that I’ve seen. I’ve read somewhere that you only dream about people that you’ve met as it’s easier for the brain to recall a face then it is to create a new one. Also, I only dream of zombies when I’ve watched a zombie film or read a Stephen King novel that day. I hadn’t. The only thing that makes sense from the online interpretation, is being under stress. It’s not tremendous stress, but there is stress.


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2 thoughts on “Shop of Experiments”

    1. I have had zombie related dreams before, eternalstarlight, but this was the first one that I wrote down, they’ve never been ones that I wanted to remember to be honest! As soon as I wake from a dream, I play it back in my mind as though I’m telling someone and then write it down. Maybe that’s something you could try?


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