The Cave

I’m on a walk with a group of people, I know some of them but not all. I’m chatting to someone as we walk, I don’t know who this person is. The setting is rocky and it’s day time and the sky is clear. The ground is essentially one massive rock and it’s a purple/gray colour, kind of like slate. We find a cave and and walk through it. It’s dark inside but I can see hazy light ahead. When we exit the cave, we find ourselves on a beach that has strange, perfectly formed structures that are guarded by armed men in black combat gear. I take lots of photos and after a while we leave. When we come out the other side of the cave, it is now sandy and hot and hazy. The group of people that I am with gets larger. I realise that they are being reunited with lost loved ones.

I wake up.

Apparently, caves signify protection and concealment but can also represent exploration of my unconscious mind.

A beach symbolises the meeting between two states of mind, it’s a place of transition between the physical/material and the spiritual. The sand is the rational and mental process, the water is the irrational and unsteady emotional aspects of myself. Looking out towards an ocean indicates unknown major changes that are occurring in my life. I should consider the state of the ocean, is it calm, pleasant, forbidding etc?

Taking photos in my dream means that I’m trying to hold onto a certain image or time in my life.

For me, this is a good example of how things during the day can influence your dreams. When I open my computer, a picture pops up on the screen. The picture is taken from inside a cave looking out on a beach. The colours are different but I’m pretty sure that’s what inspired the setting. The rest of it seems pretty random to me.


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