Talking Skeletons

It’s night time and I’ve been kidnapped. My wrists are tied together with those plastic zip ties. Looking around me I see that I’m not alone, there’s a few of us being guided by men with guns down a badly lit street with rubbish bins down the side and graffiti on the buildings. Some windows are boarded up. I recognise the people I’m with, it’s characters from the programme, Stargate SG1. They’re dressed like the characters and talk like the characters but one of them is telling me why he left the series and then came back and it’s got something to do with t shirts and vests. We get pushed inside an unused building which turns out to be an abandoned cinema. It’s dark inside with odd emergency light glowing. There are rows of seats but there’s a gap in the middle section so that there are only three rows at the front and maybe six rows at the back. The screen is broken, the seats filled with skeletons, some have ragged clothes on them. We’re forced to line up facing the screen, wrists still tied together. Some of the skeletons are talking and shouting insults at us. There are bones and rocks on the floor around us and I pick some up and throw them, managing to smash the odd skull. One of the people I’m with somehow goes up in flames. I’m powerless to do anything. One of our captors comes over, it’s Damar from Star Trek; Deep Space 9, and puts out the fire, says something, cuts the zip ties binding our wrists together and then walks off. I feel like he might help us escape. The person is fine.

I wake up.

Okay, so… being kidnapped denotes feelings of being trapped and restricted. Skeletons represent something that is not yet fully developed or can symbolise death or transformation. Dreaming that someone is being burned alive suggests being consumed by ambition.

Hmm, maybe the ‘something not fully developed’ rings true but not the rest of it. As for the people in it, I watch Star Trek and Stargate: SG1, I’m a fan. In fact, I love them and every now and then characters from them pop up in my dreams.



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5 thoughts on “Talking Skeletons”

  1. Good dream Kady, at least the skeletons didn’t come to life!
    I actually slept for more that 6 hours straight last night and remember a dream for once.
    I was taking the baby swimming for the first time and went to the small pool but it was full of teenagers and adults messing about or trying to swim lengths properly so whenever me and Ivy went we were in the way and we couldn’t do what we wanted to. When I got out someone I used to work with was showing people around Wakefield and saw me so asked if I would show them around the baths. As I took them round I found a proper baby pool that I hadn’t known about and I got really excited. Then I woke up. Nothing spectacular but hopefully I’ll remember more dreams.

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    1. It’s great that you’re getting more sleep janineh13,
      Hmm, swimming suggest that you’re exploring parts of your mind and emotions, and swimming pools represent relaxation, calmness, you may need to take a break. But I have a feeling that it’s got more to do with anxiety about taking your baby swimming or somewhere new and that you appreciate things that are suitable for a new mother and young baby. Any of that ring true for you?


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