The Bank

I had this one the other week, the same night as the dream that I posted on Wednesday. Actually, the Talking Skeletons dream followed on from this one. It’s possible that they are the same dream.

I have a new job and it’s my first day. It looks like a bank. I’m not given much to do and get told to wait. The bank is empty apart from the odd member of staff wandering about. It’s getting dark outside and staff start to close everything, blinds being closed, doors being locked etc. Someone gives me files that I have to leave in an office but the office is in a locked area. I manage to unlock the shutters that have closed off the area I need to be in but they start coming down again so I have to be really quick. I make it just in time and roll under the shutter just before it closes. I stand about wondering what to do when two women that I don’t know, both blonde haired and tall, come out of another office and tell me I may as well leave. The main shutter at the entrance is coming down and we run under it as it closes. We set off down the street. interpretation – I have desires for financial security and I’m shutting something or someone out of my life. Dreaming about my hometown indicates that I’m experiencing unexpressed emotions (that’s where the bank is)

Well, I’m currently looking for work and I do worry about money.

I always have unexpressed emotions of some sort hanging about.

However, I don’t think that I’m shutting anything or anyone out of my life. Seems like a decent interpretation though.


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