An Odd Day Out

I’m doing this one in two parts as it’s long and you’ll never guess how it ends!

My husband and I have gone for a drive, I’m not sure where but it looks similar to Cheddar Gorge in Somerset but on a smaller scale. It’s a pleasant day with the sun out and it’s warm. We pull over in a rectangular shaped lay-by as I want to take photos of the cliff on the other side of the road. We get out the car and cross the road, my camera at the ready. The cliff is about the height of two double-decker buses (28ft) with the length of three or four ( 90ft +) and gradually decreases in height. There are paintings of large white rabbits, like cave paintings. I’d say they’re about 6ft in height. The cliff face is fenced off so I can’t get any closer. My husband suggests that we go for a walk and take photos on the way back. I agree but say that we shouldn’t go far because of the car ( I feel that we’ve left it unlocked). The weather turns a bit misty. We follow the road until we come to what looks like the edge of a rundown village of some kind. There are shacks laid out in a way that forms a square in the center and there’s a few people about. To the right is a burger van and straight ahead is a view of a sea, it’s rough and waves are crashing against a pebble filled beach. There are cliffs in the distance. One of the shacks looks like a fish and chip shop, we go inside to see that nothing has been cooked and it’s dirty.

I get kidnapped.


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