An Odd Day Out-Part Two

So, I’ve been kidnapped. I don’t know by who exactly and I’m not sure how but there’s a group of men dressed in black and there are guns involved. Whilst this is going on, my husband has turned into Hugh Jackman somehow. I know this because Hugh is wearing my husbands clothes. I’m not sure how but he rescues me and someone else, another woman who has been kidnapped. I don’t know this woman but she has long, wavy blonde hair. The three of us make a run for it and the setting changes, we’re running away from the farm house that I used to live in, running past the barn and heading towards the sheds in the farm yard. We slow down as we’re not being chased anymore and follow the dirt track that runs behind the sheds, past some trees and into fields. The back of the sheds are to the right of us and trees are to the left. There are deep, muddy ruts from tractor wheels, with the odd puddle of water. There’s grass and weeds growing in the middle of the tracks. There are tiny footprints in some of the ruts, doll sized footprints. They scare me. Hugh and the other woman walk ahead of me and chat, the woman is talking about something but I don’t know what. The further we go, the more tiny footprints I see. If Hugh and the other woman see them, they aren’t bothered. I’m terrified.

All of a sudden, I’m in the small kitchen of the farmhouse. I’m tidying up, putting things away. I think I’m cleaning up blood. My clothes are dirty with dried mud. I look into the next room to see Hugh Jackman, still in my husbands clothes, filming for a commercial and posing in front of cameras.

I wake up.


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Wife, guinea pig herder, writer and musician of sorts ( I write, I practice, I hope)

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