Room Full of Spiders

I’m in a house that I don’t know. The rooms are gray. Gray walls, ceilings, carpets etc. I’m with some other people but I can’t remember who they are. I notice some spiders in the corner of the room and think about dealing with them. I go up some steps into the next room to see that the whole room is covered in spiders. They’re all over, like everywhere, there’s no gray left. It’s just black spiders everywhere, on top of each other, crawling. Suddenly I’m holding a vacuum cleaner in my hand and I think “this won’t do, there’s too many.”

Wake up drenched in sweat.


Spiders- Symbolic of feminine power or an overbearing mother figure. Also can refer to a powerful force protecting me against my self destructive behaviour. Or, I’m feeling like an outsider in a situation or, I want to keep my distance from a tempting situation.

The colour grey – indicates fear, depression, ill health and confusion. I may feel emotionally detached.

Hmm, I can’t remember when I had this dream, it was relatively recent, maybe in the last couple of months. I have been unwell in that time but I don’t think I have any self destructive behaviour. I definitely felt fear from being in a room full of spiders though!


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