The Queen and Randomness

I’m in a large, fancy looking building. It has, marble floors and pillars and white walls. The ceilings are high. I have papers in my right hand and I’m wearing a suit, it feels like I’ve just been to a job interview.I’m heading down a sweeping staircase and then head through a door way only to see The Queen of England stood in the entrance hall of the building talking to two men in suits. She’s wearing a puffy pale yet sparkly blue dress. I was walking fast so when I try to stop, I end up sliding on the insanely polished floor and almost fall over. She turns to look at me, and I say “Crap, I’m so sorry your majesty, I had no idea” and she say’s “It’s quite alright, Kady. We’re just about to go.” So I hide round the corner in a different room and wait until she’s left. When I’m pretty sure she’s gone, I go back to the entrance and leave through the huge glass doors. I find myself looking at a busy road in that’s ahead of me. There’s a low wall to my left. I sit on it and start talking to a man. I don’t know who they are, but I seem to know them. To my right I can see The Queen, with a group of men in suits stood around her, next to some cars. They’re talking. One of them is Daniel Craig. I point him out to the man I’ve been talking to saying maybe they’re filming a new Bond film or something. The group of men disperse, one holds a car door open for The Queen and she gets in and they drive off. I didn’t see Daniel Craig get in a car, but I can’t see him anywhere, he’s gone.

Then I go for a walk with the man I’ve been talking to. We go down a busy street with market stalls along it. We walk past Pierce Brosnan. The man disappears and Pierce is saying something to me.

I wake up.

This time I interpreted certain aspects of my dream from The Complete Book of reams and Dreaming by Pamela J Ball.

Marble can indicate age or permanence or it can represent spiritual firmness.

The Queen represents my relationship with my mother.

A stranger can represent a part of of myself that I don’t know yet.

A market indicates my ability to cope with everyday life, of being able to relate to people but particularly crowds. It can also give an indication as to how we value my various attributes.

Blue is a colour of healing suggesting relaxation, sleep and peacefulness.

Dreaming of an actor is to be aware of the ego myself. Often we become conscious of the roles we play in life, dreaming of such a character recognises that we are not perhaps playing the part we really want to in life.

My thoughts- As for the stranger being part of myself that I don’t know and the market being about my ability to relate to crowds….I find that when life throws something at me, I don’t always react how I thought I might, so that might very well be relevant. Crowds? I highly dislike crowded places. And the interpretation of the actor? Yeah, that one rings true with me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with my life and the decisions I’ve made, but I don’t feel as though I am who I want to be. Why The Queen was there, I have no idea!


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