Every now and then I dream about fighting. Usually, there’s fighting going on around me, like a battle, and I have to help out in someway, pick up some form of weapon to defend myself or attack. Sometimes I’m in fist fight with someone. Dreaming about violence isn’t something I enjoy regardless of if how I’m involved. However, I do find it interesting.

Now, in real life, I consider myself to be relatively strong for the joint problems that I have. I helped out on the farm that I grew up on which meant shifting heavy stuff about, I’ve always been active and I exercise every day. Saying that, if I actually had to partake in a fight of sorts, I have no idea how useful/effective I would be. I’d like to say I could throw a good punch but it’s quite possible I wouldn’t.

What’s interesting about these fighting dreams is that, what ever I do, punch, throw something, use a weapon, it has no or very little effect. I feel very weak, especially when punching and when I use a weapon either my aim is extremely bad or there’s something wrong with weapon or it’s not a very good weapon. I’ll give some examples.

In one dream at the weekend, I was in a fist fight with a random guy I didn’t recognise. I’m punching and punching and even though I’m winning and he is yielding, my punches are very weak.

Last week one of my dreams involved a battle over a distance, people were using bows and arrows. I decided to help and popped over to the armory and pick up a bow. Just by looking at the bow, I can see that it’s too light for me ( I used to practice archery and know what weight I can draw at what size) I ask if there’s a better bow, there isn’t so I just take it and get some arrows. I start using them, aiming at the enemy and shooting but the bow is to light for me and the arrows too flimsy so they are of no use.

Looking at The Complete Book of Dreams and Dreaming by Pamela J Ball, dreaming of using weapons suggests my desire to hurt someone, I’ve internalised my aggression. Fighting in a dream it indicates that I’m confronting my need for independence or need to express anger and frustration.

I’ve had to refer to for strength. Having little strength represents my level of power in a situation in real life.

These interpretations are fairly obvious to be honest. I don’t think it takes much thinking to come to the conclusion that the violent dreams I’ve been getting recently have coincided with something that has a) made me angry and b) I have no control over. And looking back, I think most of my violent dreams have come about when my emotions have been in a similar state.


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2 thoughts on “Violence”

  1. This is interesting. I often dream about fighting but don’t think it usually coincides with me being particularly angry. The difference for me though is that I usually am quite an effective fighter. Usually most of the dream is me running away from someone but I turn and fight in the end. There have been times when I have not fared so well though and I have ended up dying in the dream. One particular dream was one of the most vivid I’ve ever had where I was shot three times and felt each bullet hit me and felt the life drain out of me. It was pretty horrible and I felt like I had to fight to wake up.


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