Chased By Giant Beavers

I’ve been meaning to write this one up for a while seeing as I mentioned it in my Welcome post.

So, I’m out on a woodland walk with my husband. The sun is out, it’s warm and there’s a light breeze rustling through the trees. Basically, it’s a pleasant day. We’ve been walking for a while and we wander onto a different trail and eventually come to seems to be end of the trail. There’s a log cabin of sorts, actually, it’s more than a cabin, it’s big enough to be a house. We go inside and look around. After finding a room that has a balcony, we stop for a while and admire the view. The woodland has turned into a forest and there is a large clearing with a lake in it. The lake is a crystal blue and we can see a few beavers doing what beavers do, swimming about, gnawing on wood, collecting branches and making a dam. We watch them for what seems like a few minutes and decide to start walking back. The forest has become a less pleasant place even though there’s still sun light filtering through the trees. We walk down a slight hill that the log cabin now sits on the top of. As we get to the bottom of the hill, I turn around and look back to see the cabin and a beaver. The beaver is bigger than it should be, like five times bigger at least (okay, so not towering over me giant but for beavers, giant ) and as I look at it, it stands on it’s back legs and makes some sort of noise. Other beavers appear. I turn back around and keep walking and notice that my husband is no longer there, I’m on my own. I start to walk faster as I can now hear the beavers following me. I start to run.

I wake up wondering what the hell that was all about. Then I remembered that I’d actually been on a woodland walk with my husband the day before and we saw in a stream what looked like a beavers dam. It wasn’t, it was just a pile of branches that had collected in the same place but we both thought that it looked similar. Why the beavers where that size, I have no idea!


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