Being Chased

I’ve had quite a few dreams that have involved me being chased at some point. Sometimes I know who is chasing me, other times I don’t. In one dream last year, I was being chased by nothingness. It’s difficult to describe it but it was like a black hole I guess. I could see the sky and the ground around it but what ever it was was pure black and made an awful sound.

In a recent dream, I couldn’t tell who was chasing me, I just knew I was being chased and I had to get away and Kiefer Sutherland was running in front of me. We were running through buildings, climbing ladders and jumping off stuff. He has a gun, I have wine gums (random).

Dreaming of being chased is actually quite common. According to The Complete Book of Dreams and Dreaming by Pamela J Ball, if you dream that you’re being chased it means that you’re trying to escape responsibility, a sense of failure or fear and emotions that we can’t handle. suggests that you’re avoiding a situation that you don’t think you can conquer and is a metaphor for some form of insecurity.

I think being chased in your dreams could represent a fear of something, especially if you know what or who is chasing you. That would give you something to work on to figure out what you could be running away from. I posted Chased by Giant Beavers last week, a dream where, you guessed it, I was being chased by giant beavers. Well, says that beavers symbolise energy, ambition and productivity. Not sure why I’d be running away from that kind of thing. Maybe the beavers represent something different if they’re giant….


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One thought on “Being Chased”

  1. I used to always have chasing dreams – not as often now though. The first interpretation about trying to escape responsibility rings true for me as I’m the worst procrastinator! My favourite sentence you’ve written here so far is: Maybe the beavers represent something different if they’re giant…. 😉

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