In the past few years, I have a recurring theme in some of my dreams. It involves driving. (I don’t drive, I had one driving lesson a few years back and decided it wasn’t for me) Now in these dreams, there’s some sort of problem that means I have to drive and there’s a problem stopping me from driving properly. It’s either, I have to somehow drive from the back seat and I’m struggling to reach everything (obviously) or something doesn’t work, like I can’t get into gear. Also, I can never see very well in these dreams, my eyesight is blurry/ hazy. I don’t think I’ve ever reached a destination in any of these dreams either. I’m always on my own too.

I wouldn’t call them nightmares, but they’re not pleasant.

Interpretation- (using dreammoods.com)

Driving a vehicle apparently can signify my life’s journey and an obstructed view symbolises my lack of awareness in something in life.

My thoughts?

I have no idea where these dreams come from, as I say, I don’t drive so they seem to have very little to do with real life.

Anyone else have dreams about doing something that they don’t do in real life?


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One thought on “Driving”

  1. I can’t drive either but I often dream of driving. I also never reach the destination but usually know to drive in the dream – sometimes I remember part way through that I actually don’t know how to drive! It’s external forces such a problem with the car or someone chasing me that stops me achieving my goal


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