A Garden Party and Bruce Springsteen

I’m at my parents house stood in the patio doorway. There’s a garden party of sorts going on. It’s cloudy weather but it’s warm and my friends, who don’t quite look like my friends are wearing dresses. They’re ignoring me. Some of them are sat chatting around a table, others are sat on a blanket on the grass chatting. I can’t see my parents but I know they’re about somewhere. Feeling unwelcome, I decide to lay out on the grass. After a few moments, some one joins me. As the person lays down beside me, I realise it’s Bruce Springsteen. He’s wearing a dark shirt, blue jeans and black cowboy boots. We start chatting about music. It’s a nice conversation. He listens to me and he’s nice to me. It kind of feels like we know each other. Anyway, I decide to tell him that some of his songs are crap. He looks at me and frowns. I feel like I really shouldn’t have said that and think I should clarify.

“I mean,” I say feeling my self break out in a sweat, “I like, say, 96% and 4% I don’t.” It feels like I’m lying.

“Hmm,” he goes, “they’re not all good.”

For some reason, I carry on, “For example, ‘Lucky Town’, ‘Human Touch’ and ‘Tunnel of Love’ aren’t your best albums.” I start to feel bad now as he looks a little sad. “But I listen to them anyway.”

“Why?” he asks.

“Because they’re yours and I’m a fan. There’s usually at least one thing I like about each song. You’re an artist, Bruce.”

Bruce smiles at me and hold my hand and we look at the sky together.

I wake up with a Bon Jovi song in my head.

Interpretation using http://www.dreammoods.com

I’ve picked out three significant parts,

  • Being ignored – this can represent an aspect of myself which I’m not paying attention to or it may reflect of real experiences of being ignored by that person.
  • Singer- this can represent a divine influence. I should consider my general impression of the singer and how those specific qualities may be triggered by someone or a situation in real life.
  • Sky- a cloudy and overcast sky foretells of sadness and trouble.

My thoughts?

Hmm, because my ‘friends’ didn’t really look like my friends, I’m not sure that part of the dream can be clearly interpreted. Although, it is possible that I’m ignoring part of myself. What that could be, I have no idea.

It’s safe to say, I’m Bruce Springsteen fan. I love his music. I will admit, the three albums I mentioned in the dream, are not my favourite. However, there are songs on each album that I really like. As for considering Mr Springsteen’s qualities; he is a successful singer/songwriter and musician. I love music. I play the guitar, the harmonica and I’m learning to play the saxophone and I write, be it for this blog, poetry, songs or short stories. I would love to be successful in any of those things.

As for the impending sadness and trouble, I hope that’s not the case but I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

Or, it could just be because I listened to a Bruce album yesterday and the crappy weather bothered me as it kept coming in cloudy and raining.

Why I had a Bon Jovi song in my head when I woke, I have no idea. If I dream about Bruce, (not often enough, might I add) I always have one of his songs in my head.


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Wife, mother guinea pig herder, writer and musician of sorts ( I write, I practice, I hope)

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