The Battlefield

It’s night time, the moon is high in the sky and there’s cries of the dying in the air. Along with the screams, I can hear metal hitting metal as swords clash against armour. Confused by the noise, I look around to see that I’m in a field and in the middle of a battle. There are Roman soldiers fighting each other. I realise that I’m laid on the ground, trapped under something. I am wounded, I think my side is bleeding but it’s difficult to tell as I hurt all over and there’s blood splashed up my clothing. The ground I’m laid on is muddy and wet but it’s not wet from rain, it’s wet from blood. As I’m taking in what’s going on around me, someone to my right is killed, they fall down dead , partly landing on my arm. I then feel myself being grabbed and hauled up off the ground. As I stand, there’s a man in front of me. He has an grin on his face and is drenched in blood. It’s in his hair, running down his face, it’s like someone has tipped a bucket of the stuff on his head. I’m pretty sure this guy is bad, maybe even evil and he has something to do with the death that is happening around us. He starts to move closer to me.

I wake up.

Interpretation using

  • A battlefield can represent a major conflict life. It could indicate a new situation, problem or relationship that needs to solved or conquered.
  • Blood can represent life, love, passion and disappointments.
  • The moon represents a hidden, aspect of oneself. It can be often associated with the feminine mystique and intuition. Alternatively it signifies changing mood.

My thoughts? As interesting and random as this dream was, I didn’t enjoy it much. I don’t think the above interpretation rings any bells and I can’t recall anything in the days leading up to this dream that could have influenced it. It’s truly random.


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