Large Insects and a Drunk MacGyver

I’m in a large room,but  it’s not one that I recognise and there’s large insects buzzing about. They’re about ten inches long and each one is at least three different colours. I’m not afraid of them and follow them about the room trying to take photos of them. Someone says my name and I turn around to see MacGyver  holding two cans of beer. There’s two deck chairs behind him and he’s pretty drunk, and it turns out, I am too. I take a can from him, noticing that there’s quite a few empties on the floor behind him. He’s smiling and laughing and saying we should go out and do something. I tell him that I can’t, I need to interpret my dreams.

“If I help you, then will you come out with me?” he says smiling, his blonde, mullet like hair flowing in a breeze that appears to be coming from nowhere.

“I guess so,” I say trying to see if there’s a window open or something. I look back at him to see that he’s holding a clipboard and several different coloured pens. He’s written out a dream of mine, highlighted parts of it and made notes down the side in the most organised way and I absolutely love it. It’s so neat and precise and it seems to stand out to me. As I’m looking at it, the wall behind him disappears and, instead of  a beige carpet, we’re stood on grass and we’re under a clear blue sky. Someone on a horse rides up to us and has a go at us. MacGyver and I laugh, because we’re drunk.

I wake up.

Interpretation using –

  • Insects signify minor obstacles I need to overcome. They are symbolic of precision, alertness and sensitivity.

  • Beer represents happiness, relaxation and/or inspiration. I’m free of worries.

  • A chair implies I need to take time out and relaxation.

  • A breeze (feeling one) represents movement of ideas.

  • A horse symbolises strength, power and endurance.

My thoughts –

  • I saw a hornet in the garden that day and my husband decided to tell me about large insects.

  • The beer thing makes no sense, I don’t drink and I’m certainly not free of worries or relaxed.

  • I do need to learn to relax.

  • I have had a few ideas recently to do with a story I’m writing but I didn’t feel the breeze, MacGyver’s hair did.

  • Strength and power? Nope. Endurance, maybe. In what though, I’m not

It looks like part of this dream was influenced by recent events and the rest of it is nonsense but one thing that really annoys me about this dream, and others, is that, yet again, MacGyver made an appearance. I hadn’t watched the programme, I hadn’t thought about it but there he was. I’m starting to wonder if he represents something in particular. It might not be MacGyver though, maybe it’s Richard Dean Anderson seeing as sometimes he pops up as the character, O’Neill from the sci-fi programme, Stargate SG -1 in other dreams. I’ve read that if there’s a character or actor in my dream, I need to consider their qualities and ask myself if those qualities are something that I need/want. But he appears so often it must mean something else. Or maybe I’m just obsessed with him and I’m not aware of it!


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