Meerkat Insects, Gliders and Lockers

I’m in a grassy field. It looks like it’s one on the farm I grew up on but the view is different and there’s tall hedges all the way around the perimeter. There’s four people with me, I don’t know who they are but three of them are male and one is female. Two of the men have light grey hair, the woman has long dark hair. There’s also a dog. It seems as though we’ve been walking for a while, I ache, I’m tired and thirsty as it’s a hot day. We decide to take a break as the taller grey haired man says,“we’re safe for now”. I drop my backpack on the ground and plonk myself on the grass, pull out a bottle of water and push the slobbering dog away as drink. Noticing movement in the grass, I spot insects. I lean a bit closer see that there are moths and grasshoppers dotted about in the grass around me. Well, they have the body of either a moth or a grasshopper but for some reason they have the head of a meerkat. Insect bodies, tiny fluffy meerkat heads. As I’m looking at these, there’s a noise over head, I look up to see a glider of sorts in the sky. We’ve been found. The taller man is grabbing my arm and telling me that we have to head for cover. I grab my bag as he drags me off and we run towards the hedge which provides poor cover from the now numerous gliders ahead that are shooting at us. The five of us search along the hedge for something when the taller man shouts that he’s found it, grabs me yet again and drags me through the hedge leaving the others behind. Finding ourselves in a dusty, disused room full of green and yellow lockers, we start searching. I don’t know what we’re searching for but I know that we have to find whatever it is first. After searching through several lockers, I find a tatty folder full of stuff from my childhood, pictures I drew, school reports, that kind of thing. As I’m looking through it all, someone attacks me from behind trying to take the folder from me. I charge backwards, ramming them into some lockers behind me. The taller man tells me to get the others.

I wake up.

My interpretation – just plain weird.


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Wife, guinea pig herder, writer and musician of sorts ( I write, I practice, I hope)

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