The End of the World

I’m with my husband. I don’t recognise the house we’re in but it’s where we live and we’re packing everything up. Well, as much as possible anyway, cramming rucksacks with essentials and boxing up everything else. It doesn’t quite make sense to me as it’s the end of the world and we’re not going to survive so what’s the point in packing away our things? Even packing essentials to carry with us doesn’t really make sense. I’m not sure how it’s the end of the world either but I think it’s to do with a far away star or planet that’s going to explode or something causing some sort of ‘shift’ with our planet and thus causing the end of Earth. That’s what it feels like anyway. I do know that we’re not going to be hit by asteroids. It is a ‘shift’ in the balance of the universe that is going to destroy Earth in some way. I know this because I have seen it. Somehow, I’ve been in space and witnessed this star/planet dying.

Anyway, we have to leave and everyone else is doing the same. I step out into the back garden to see that the weather is changing, it’s becoming cloudy and there’s a strong wind. I go back inside and pick up a rucksack. We leave the house and get in a red car and we set off. Where to, I don’t know, none of the situation makes sense to me. We can’t escape but as we pull out onto a main road it’s not as busy with cars as I assumed it would be, it’s more like a busy Saturday morning traffic, not end of the world, roads crammed with vehicles, horns honking busy. So it doesn’t seem as though it is the end of the world but I have an impending sense of doom that I can’t escape from and I know that we are all going to die.

Interpretation using –

  • The end of the world suggests I’m under a tremendous level of stress. I’m feeling vulnerable or helpless in a situation.

  • Packing can signify big changes ahead. I’m putting the past behind me. Alternatively, it can represent burdens that I carry.

  • Outer space represents my creativity or it could be a metaphor that something has come out of nowhere

  • A planet can signify creativity, exploration and new adventures. I’m trying to align myself with untapped energies I don’t know I have

My thoughts –

Well, really this was a nightmare. The sense of doom was incredible and was still there when I woke up which was rather unpleasant. What interests me is that I knew that what we were doing didn’t make any sense. In a lot of my dreams I just tend to go with whatever is happening and not question anything. I can safely say that this dream is a good example of dreaming about things going on in real life and one that can be interpreted and have meaning.

I believe that I dreamed about packing simply because my husband and I have to move house again. We only moved in January this year and we have to move again which is way too soon and causing a lot of stress. However, it’s not the kind of stress that makes me feel as though the world is ending. However, we have been under stress for other reasons too. That’s life for you!

As for the creativity parts of the interpretation, I am a creative person so hopefully, it means that something that I’m working on will come together.

Anyway, this isn’t a dream I’d like to repeat as it was a horrible feeling throughout the dream and when I woke. Just glad I didn’t witness the end of the world!


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