The Village Shop and Hugh

I’m walking into the village where I used to live with a guy with blonde hair. It’s day time, the sun is hazy and it’s warm. We cut through the trees that run along the left hand side of the path and follow a vague path. I’m holding a silver necklace, it’s heart shaped and matches the necklace that the guy is wearing. I show mine to him but he refuses to look at it. We come out of the trees to find it’s raining, we get into an argument and he walks off. I carry on walking heading towards the village shop. As I get closer, I notice that there’s random scaffolding on my right near the main road. There’s people on the scaffolding, one of which is MacGyver. I smile at him and he nods at me. I cross the road and enter the shop, it’s slightly different inside and it’s crammed full of people. Someone approaches me saying ‘hi’ I recognise them as a former colleague and we chat for a minute until a man approaches me. I have to assume here that he said or did something offensive as I threaten to throw him out if he doesn’t get out of my sight.

The shop changes, it gets bigger and there’s more colour and more people. To my left there’s seating, in front of me is a large carpeted room. The carpet is green and has children’s toys scattered across it. Suddenly, my saxophone is in my hands and I start playing it, badly and it fills with soapy water. I empty it and start to clean it out when Hugh Jackman appears and starts singing ‘The Surrey With a Fringe on Top’ from Oklahoma. Then we sit on the floor and play with the toys. He takes a photo.

I wake up.

Yeah, too random to interpret!


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Wife, guinea pig herder, writer and musician of sorts ( I write, I practice, I hope)

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