Three Dreams, One Night

Here’s a few short dreams that I had in the same night.

  • I’m in space on a space station, wearing a space suit. My husband is there and I’m worrying about being in space as I’m not an astronaut and neither is he. Should we really be there? Surely there’s been some kind of mistake? Then I’m with my friend Caroline, walking around the town that I used to live near. We’re looking at photos on my phone of when we went in to space together. One photo is of us floating in space (fully suited in space suits, of course) and waving to the camera that we have tweeted and Tim Peake has re-tweeted it saying ‘awesome’.
  • I’m in a lift with Daniel Craig. He’s wearing grey trousers and a blue shirt with the sleeves rolled up. We’re laughing about something. The lift doors open onto a a corridor, we step out to discover the floor is icy. Daniel starts sliding up and down whilst I watch.
  • I’m being chased by a dog and have to climb over a really tall black, corrugated gate that has spikes on top of it.

I have no idea where any of those came from!


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Wife, guinea pig herder, writer and musician of sorts ( I write, I practice, I hope)

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