Shopping and Nathan Fillion

I’m in a shopping center with three of my friends in the town near where I used to live and I’m on a mission. I need to find the series Firefly on DVD, because, for some strange reason, I don’t have it yet. After looking in a few shops, I start to give up hope. My friends, Caz, Helen and Janine are getting bored. I tell them I’ll just look in this one last shop and I go straight to the back where there’s a man stood behind the counter. I ask him if he has Firefly. The man turns round and I realise it’s Nathan Fillion, who was in the series I’m looking for.

“I’ve got two episodes and Serenity,” he says.

“That’s no good. I want the complete series, you know, all fourteen episodes. I already have the film,” I tell him and lean against the counter.

“Well, that’s all you can have,” he says and leans against the counter opposite me, “pick one.”

“I don’t want to pick one.”

“Then you leave with nothing,” he grins smugly at me and I feel like thumping him.

“I’m not coming here again, your service is crap.”

“Fine by me.”

I turn away, walk out to where my friends are waiting and giggling and we go into a book shop where the woman behind the counter beckons me over as she ends a phone call. She hands me a small square of paper that I realise is a stamp. She’s written on it. I hold it close to read the writing. There’s a number, a time, a date and the name Nathan. I look at the woman expecting some sort of explanation.

“He wants to go out with you,” she points to the stamp, “then.”

“Um, okay,” I say and she picks up the phone and dials a number, “she said yes.”

I leave the shop, show my friends the stamp and Janine immediately starts planning my outfit and which shops we’ll go in to get it. Helen and Caz are giggly with delight at the prospect of clothes shopping with me and the three of them drag me off onto an escalator to go down a floor. As we’re going down, there’s a bang and I feel something whiz past me. Everyone screams and we all duck. I’m being shot at.

When I get to the bottom of the escalator, I notice my friends have, quite understandably, scarpered and for some reason I go after the shooter. He’s hiding behind a bin but can’t get away quick enough. Grabbing him by his backpack, I push him to the ground giving him a swift kick as I do so. The shooter is Simon Pegg (Spaced, Hot Fuzz).

I wake up.

Interpretation (using –

  • Shopping – symbolises my needs and desires. It can also represent opportunities and options. Not being able to find what I’m shopping for suggests I’m trying to find a solution to a problem.
  • Stamp – represents my need for communication.
  • Escalator – indicates movement between various levels of consciousness. Moving down the escalator implies repression. I may be experiencing a setback.
  • Being shot at – suggests I’m experiencing confrontation in my life.

My thoughts?

I don’t actually own Firefly but I do have Serenity. I’ve been meaning to buy the series since my brother introduced me to it a few years ago but just haven’t got around to it and have only in the past month got the film. So, that’s where that and Nathan Fillion came from. As for shopping, I went shopping with my husband at the weekend but not where my dream was set and we did use the escalators. The stamp part was weird but I did send a card in the post the day of this dream, so that explains that. I have no idea about being shot at, or why it was Simon Pegg.


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