It’s Been A While

I must apologise for the lack of, well, anything on here these past few weeks. I do hope you’ll forgive  me!

Due to not sleeping well recently and so my dreaming has been disrupted. I’ve either not been dreaming at all or I just can’t remember any dreams that I’ve had.

Until the past couple of nights anyway…

Two nights ago I had a dream that involved Bruce Springsteen. When I say involved, I mean, I saw him in the town center, leaning against a wall and reading a paper whilst other stuff was going on. And then last night, he was in my dream again, only I was interviewing him on a tour bus. That was cool. I don’t remember what was said or where we were going, but I did make him laugh.

My interpretation of these dreams…I’ve clearly over Bruced. I’ve been listening to his music the past couple of days and lets be honest, whenever I pick up my guitar, I’m playing  a Springsteen song.

Anyway, happy dreaming guys. Lets hope next week I have more to write for you.



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Wife, mother guinea pig herder, writer and musician of sorts ( I write, I practice, I hope)

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