Poor Elmo

Happy new year dreamers!

I hope you all had an excellent Christmas and new year.

Unfortunately, I didn’t do a lot of dreaming over the festive season apart from three dreams in one night that I can’t remember but do know that Daniel Craig was in each one and he was definitely shirtless in one of them (the mother in law put on Quantum of Solace one evening).

I was however reminded of one dream I used to get when I was a child when I saw that Labyrinth was being shown repeatedly.

In the dream I would be surrounded by those red creature Muppet things that annoy the main character, you know the ones that take off their heads? They would be yelling and saying things and throwing their heads about. Then I’d ‘wake up’. I’d be in my bed trying to sleep when the red things would appear from under the bed and start throwing their heads about really close to me and it was just horrible. But then one of them would turn into Elmo from Sesame Street and one of the other creatures would pull his head off and throw it around the room and Elmo would scream, “poor Elmo! Elmo needs his head!”

I’d actually wake up then, sweating and terrified. I wouldn’t watch Labyrinth again for a good few years.

Poor Elmo indeed.


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