Snippets Only!

The other night I had a long, strange dream which involved lots of things and a few people. Only thing is, I can’t remember it all!

I can however remember the odd thing;

  • Cycling

  • Misshapen golf balls

  • Railway tracks

  • A river

I’m just going to interpret those as best as I can!

  • Cycling/bike – this is about attaining balance in my life. I need to balance work and pleasure in order to succeed. It also means I want to move forward at my own pace.

  • Misshapen golf balls – a golf ball can symbolise a frivolous situation or matter. I shouldn’t let the small things get to me. I can’t find anything about misshapen golf balls

  • Railway tracks – indicates I have laid out a set track towards achieving my goals. Progress will be slow but steady.

  • A river – I’m going along with flow and letting life get away from me. I need a more decisive role in directing my life.

The only thing that makes sense to me here is about not letting the small things get to me. I always do and I know I shouldn’t. But why where the golf balls misshapen? They were slightly larger then they should have been and seemed to have been melted in some way. I remember thinking in the dream how I was supposed to play golf with them and starting to get angry. Strange.

As for the rest, I’ve set out a track to achieve my goals yet I need to be more active in finding a direction in life? Needing to find a balance in work and pleasure doesn’t work for me either. I’m out of work but fill my time with writing which I love and fit in my other hobbies in between.

Yet, I can’t say that this dream, like many of others I’ve had, has been influenced by something that has gone on in the days leading up to the dream.


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