A Boat, A Plane and Tom Hiddleston

I’m on a white speed boat that has a black stripe down the side of it. I can see this because for some reason I’m hanging over the side. There’s three men in the boat, one of which is Tom Hiddleston, the other men are strangers to me. The only thing I know is that it’s a clear day and we’re in a rush.

My dream jumps to us standing on an airstrip near a beach. There’s a small airplane in front of us and Tom is looking pissed off.

“Couldn’t you have got a bigger plane? You know, one with more seats?” I ask him. The plan seems to be that the men go in the plane and I wing walk. Obviously I’m not keen on the idea. I don’t even know how they got me on the speedboat but they sure as hell aren’t getting me to wing walk and I tell Tom that. We argue and he gives up, pulls out a credit card from his jacket pocket and waves it at a member of staff who nods and walks off. Tom, mumbling something under his breath, follows. It seems he’s going to get on another plane. Satisfied that I no longer have to wing walk, I clamber into the plane to find that it’s a little worse for wear. Hoping we don’t crash, I sit down, fasten my seat belt and stare at the two men in front of me.

The dream jumps again and I find myself in a navy blue dress entering a banquet hall. There’s a ridiculously long table with strangers sat around it, chatting away and generally having a good time. I spot an empty seat, grateful to see that it’s next to a friend of mine. The two men from the boat and the plane sit next to me. I start chatting to my friend and after a few minutes, a ruffled Tom Hiddleston turns up. He’s not happy because he’s late and something happened on his flight. He won’t say what, just keeps giving me angry glances and parks himself opposite me. The angry glances get more intense as my friend and I start giggling, we’re drunk and my friend, is constantly commenting on how fit she thinks Tom is and what she’d like to do with him. Her comments are hilarious, other people think so too. But Tom doesn’t. Tom gets up and walks off. My friend shouts out, “nice arse, Tom!” and cracks up laughing.

I wake up.

Interpretation using http://www.dreammoods.com-

  • The speedboat could suggest that I don’t like to dwell on my emotions.
  • The airplane could indicate that I will over come my obstacles, rising to a new level of prominence and status. Or, I need to gain a better perspective on something.
  • A banquet indicates that I am emotionally malnourished and I need emotional stimulation.

My thoughts-

I have no idea where any of this came from but I’m pretty sure I don’t need any emotional stimulation. It’s possible I may need a better perspective on something and I suppose, negative emotions, I don’t like to dwell on. As for Tom Hiddleston, I think he was only there because I saw his name on something at some point. Why I was hanging over the edge of the boat and he wanted me to wing walk, I have no idea.


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