Garden Party

It’s a spectacularly hot day and I’m at a party. I’m not sure what kind of party it could be, nor do I recognise my surroundings but it’s a beautiful day and the barbecue is smoking away and people are laughing and generally having a good time. Now, when I say I’m not sure what kind of party it it’s because there’s a load of cats that have been let lose along with what seems like hundreds of butterflies and birds. I go inside and get my camera and start taking photos. The colour of everything, plants, people, animals are so crisp and clear it’s unbelievable. Also, the birds are letting me get really close to them.

After a while, people disperse along with the animals and I set about tidying up. When I go into the kitchen to see Antonio Banderas there, smiling away. He starts talking to me and takes my hands and I’m thinking “how do I know him and why is he talking to me?” then Catherine Zeta Jones storms into the room yelling that I’ve taking Antonio from her, how dare I?! And comes at me with a kitchen knife. I throw a cookery book at her and run.

I have no idea where any of this came from. It is incredibly random but I’m just grateful that I’ve remembered a dream!


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Wife, guinea pig herder, writer and musician of sorts ( I write, I practice, I hope)

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