Shopping and Seagulls

I’m not going to fully go into this dream from the other night because it was so damn long and didn’t make any sense what so ever. It jumped from day to evening with different people but it was very clear to me in the dream that it was one event.

It started with me and parents in a local supermarket (near my parents home) and my mum decides she’s done with shopping and wants to drive home, leaving my dad in the shop with all the shopping. In the car we get and my mum starts driving, only she can’t drive and we end up going the wrong way up the road as she tries to turn around to go get my dad. My brother is in the car with us.

Next, it jumps to us all walking down a street somewhere. It’s dark and my brother and I are chatting whilst our parents walk ahead. We stop to look at a wall for some reason, there’s gold coins at the foot of the wall.

Then it jumps back to day time and I’m with my mum and a group of people. It seems like we’re on a tour of some sort as we have maps and leaflets in our hands. It’s sunny but cold and we’re walking around the outside of a shopping centre in my home town. Everyone is having a good time apart from me because I should be going to meet my friend only I don’t know where my friend is. I keep walking with the group and we find ourselves in a covered area that’s filled with geese. The geese turn into seagulls. There’s a white cat eating a seagull only there’s no blood to be seen.

Sometime after this, I wake up.

First, I feel the need to to say that my mother is a very competent motorcyclist, and even though at times she forgets things, she’d never go the wrong way up a road in a vehicle she can’t legally drive or forget my dad.

Interpretation using –

  • Shopping – symbolises my needs and desires. I should consider what I’m shopping for.

  • Family – represents security, warmth and love. Or, bitterness, jealousy and rivalry depending on my relationship with my family.

  • Geese – represent domesticity and lifelong companionship. It could also indicate my tendency to go with the crowd

  • Seagulls – indicate a desire to get away from my problems or demands of life or it can symbolise my strengths.

  • White Cat – denotes difficult times.

My thoughts –

This is one random dream.


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Wife, guinea pig herder, writer and musician of sorts ( I write, I practice, I hope)

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