As it weird as it sounds, I sort of dreamt about spoons. I say sort of because they didn’t physically appear in the dream, they were just talked about. A lot. Because I had a test on them. I had to learn all about the different types of spoons there are in the world, remember it and answer a load of questions about the shiny pieces of cutlery (although, apparently, they’re not all shiny for certain reasons). And the test? It was over the phone and conducted by MacGyver. I couldn’t answer his questions but could prove to him that I had studied by telling him about other spoons. He seemed okay with that.


Keep dreaming!


Everyday Life

As boring as it sounds, I do indeed dream about everyday life and unfortunately, since my daughter came along, it happens most nights. Well, that’s if I get the opportunity to sleep and get to the correct stage of sleep in order to dream.

My everyday life dreams now revolve around cleaning up baby sick and doing the laundry. Thrilling, I know. But that is what my life tends to consist of now (just add in a load of adorable baby moments though)

Anyone else dream of everyday stuff?



Last night my dream involved a duck. A cute white, orange billed duck that followed me around where ever I went; work, shopping, home. It followed me everywhere and when I stood still, it would waddle right up to my feet and look up at me, occasionally wrapping a wing around my ankle as though trying to hug me. It was a very nice duck and I liked it a lot but unfortunately, the poor thing started to loose it’s feathers.

Interpretation using http://www.dreammoods.com

  • A white duck signifies falsehood and deceit yet a duck in general can represent flexibility.

My thoughts-

I have no idea how the above could apply in any way so I’m going to go with my thought of this being influenced by my activities during the day. I’m re-learning German and had to write and say the word for duck several times. Later, I took photos of birds in the garden and caught a bit of sun.

Keep dreaming!


By the way, if you’re wondering, the German word for duck is- Ente.

Same Night, No Explanation Possible

As the title suggests, all in the same night and I have no way of explaining them!

  • I’m in a desert stood on the edge of a group of people. There’s a gold convertible car with one person in it. That person is on fire. They die and slump over the windscreen.
  • Bruce Springsteen in a field in orange overalls leading some sort of rescue.
  • Yellow and red birds that fly and land on a tree exactly the same as them but as soon as they do, it turns green with only a little bit of yellow on it.
  • The Shires ( a band from the UK) deliver snow in a monster truck to me at the farmhouse I used to live at.

Keep dreaming!

Different Nights, Same Kind of Crazy

As the title suggests, all of the following took place on different nights but they’re all random and strange!

  • My husband and I are trying to get through airport security (I have no idea where we’re going) and we get pulled aside and taken to a yellow room for people to search through our belongings. I have blisters on my feet.
  • Bruce Springsteen is in the kitchen at the farmhouse where I grew up. He’s making dinner, telling me it’s not ready even though it quite clearly is. The fish-fingers are burned.
  • I’m chasing Hugh Jackman. He’s climbing walls to get away from me but I just keep following!
  • I’m with a group of people on a submarine (although, it’s rather spacious). Water starts to come in, an alarm goes off. I manage to find an air pocket and watch on a screen as the Klingons (Star Trek) get closer, waiting for them to beam me and any other survivors out even though they are the enemy.

There are no words for how random these dreams are!

Keep dreaming

Hyperventilating in Front of Bruce Springsteen

It’s insanely noisy in the school hall that I’m in because it’s filled with people and there’s a band playing on the stage. It’s Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street band. Finally, at last! I’m at a Springsteen concert! But it doesn’t quite make sense to me as to why it’s in a school hall or why some of the seats are empty (they’re those plastic orangy-red chairs with black legs). I’m sat at the side on a long cabinet, the type you find in classrooms built in the 1950’s-1960’s, heavily varnished on top with loads of etched in graffiti.

Bruce is doing his thing, walking up and down the stage talking and he jumps down and sits on a table (I have no idea when these appeared but there’s school tables in place of some of the chairs) and starts chatting with someone. Now, he’s not far from me and I’m thinking if I can just give myself that little push, I could go over there, say ‘hi’ or something. Just something, anything because will I ever get this opportunity again? No! I must do something. So, what I manage to do is roll up my sleeves as I start to sweat at the thought of going over. My chest is tight, my heart is going crazy and I’m struggling to breathe but I have to go over! I must fight through my anxiety and take this chance!

Then, he starts to make his way over, sitting on another table and swinging his legs over, standing and walking over to me. Me! He stands in front of me, sticks out his hand for me to shake, says ‘hi there’ and I, being the panic induced idiot that I am, start to hyperventilate. I’m hyperventilating in front of Bruce Springsteen. Of course, what else would I do? Be normal? My breathing has got so out of control I’m on the verge of passing out. The Boss is stood in front of me and I’m going to collapse on him.

I wake up hyperventilating.

Interpretation using http://www.dreammoods.com-

  • Orange – denotes hope, friendliness, generosity and sociability. Also represents a stimulation of the senses.

  • Table – represents social unity and family connections.

  • Concert – represents harmony and cooperation in a situation or relationship in waking life.

  • Breathing rapidly – indicates anxiety, fear or tension concerning a new situation in waking life.

My thoughts –

  • Orange – one of my favourite colours

  • Tables – um, not sure but tables and chairs go together…

  • Concert – not sure about harmony and cooperation but I’m pretty sure I listened to some Springsteen that day, most likely live recordings also, I really, really, want to see him live.

  • Breathing rapidly/hyperventilating – pretty damn sure I’d do this in real life if I ever, somehow met Bruce so, even though the dream was unrealistic, the way I reacted in it wasn’t. Not sure why I was breathing like that when I woke though, not very pleasant.

Keep dreaming!