Shop of Experiments

So, I’m outside some kind of log cabin by the side of a road, it looks like a shop of sorts. There’s someone on the steps leading up to the building calling me over. It’s one of my friends. We look through the window to see that it’s a geek shop of sorts, full of TV and film memorabilia, toys and games, that kind of thing. It looks like it’s closed. It’s dusty and faded, like no one’s been in there for a while. We open the door and go in. My friend disappears along with everything inside the ‘shop’. I start to wander around and realise that there’s someone following me, it’s a slim blonde haired man, with short hair wearing a scruffy white t shirt and scruffy blue jeans with black boots. I have no idea who he is but I feel safe with him and he stays by my side the whole time.

All of the shelves in the ‘shop’ are empty and dusty and there are cabinets down the wall to the left hand side of me, to my right is the window looking out onto the road. It’s raining outside. The cabinets are divided into sections. Some are cages, some are tanks, kind of like in a pet shop. I look inside some of the tanks/cages and see that there are bizarre animals inside. One looks similar to a chameleon and it wants to be stroked. The next tank along has two creatures in it, both are yellow and slimy like. One is moving around on it’s four legs but looks unhappy. It tries to curl up like a cat to get comfy but it can’t. The other has collapsed into a slimy goo like state. Further along are larger cages, big enough for humans. I realise the building is for experiments, what kind of experiments, I don’t know. There are people in the cages but they’re not really people anymore, they’re zombie like.(I won’t describe exactly how they look, it’s not pleasant, and I think everybody get’s the idea with the word zombie) They need to be killed. The blonde haired man who’s been following me pulls out a gun and starts shooting as more of the zombies/experiments start appearing from another room. I don’t really know what to do and so don’t do much until I see that one of the zombie like people isn’t dead and is crawling towards me. I panic, pick up some pencils that are on a desk and throw them at the zombie with the intention of finishing the zombie off. Of course, the pencils are useless.

I wake up.

According to, to see a friend in your dream can signify aspects of your personality that you have rejected but are ready to incorporate and acknowledge.

Watching rain from a window indicates that spiritual ideas and insights are being brought to your attention.

Seeing a shooting indicates that you know what to aim for in life.

A stranger in your dreams signifies a part of yourself that is repressed/hidden. Or, the stranger symbolises the archetypal dream helper offering insight and advice.

Being attacked by zombies indicate that you are feeling overwhelmed by forces out of your control, you are under tremendous stress in your waking life.

My conclusion; it was a weird, unpleasant dream that has random things going on (pencils? slimy goo creatures?) and it has left me annoyed over the fact that I have no idea who the man was. I don’t know anyone like that in real life and I don’t think he was from a programme or film that I’ve seen. I’ve read somewhere that you only dream about people that you’ve met as it’s easier for the brain to recall a face then it is to create a new one. Also, I only dream of zombies when I’ve watched a zombie film or read a Stephen King novel that day. I hadn’t. The only thing that makes sense from the online interpretation, is being under stress. It’s not tremendous stress, but there is stress.


Dancing with MacGyver

I don’t know when the music starts playing or what song it is but it’s a cheesy 70’s tune. MacGyver is in faded blue jeans, possibly a white t shirt and a brown leather jacket and we’re near a building, it’s one of those unsightly 1960’s concrete builds and part of it overhangs and sits on columns. Underneath it, there’s random wide concrete ramp and concrete steps and that’s where we do most of the dancing. Our dancing is like in the film Footloose, it’s a mixture of the warehouse scene where Kevin Bacon is using the environment as part of his dance and like the dance at the end of the film. I don’t know how long we dance for but it seems like a while and I decide that I can’t dance anymore, I’ve danced with MacGyver as much as I possibly can and even though I’m loving it, I can’t go on. I’m exhausted and my right ankle hurts so I sit down in a deck chair that has suddenly appeared. I prop my right leg up and see that my ankle is swollen and MacGyver carries on grooving away, grinning, swinging his arms about and snapping his fingers, “Come on!” he says to me. I yell over the music that I can’t and point to my ankle. He carries on dancing and I watch him for a bit.

Then I wake up with the song in my head but I don’t know what the song is and after a while, I can’t remember the song at all.

So, what does that mean?

According to, dancing signifies freedom from constraints and restrictions and that your life is balanced and in harmony. It also represents frivolity, happiness, gracefulness, sensuality and sexual desires. These qualities should be incorporated into your life.

Concrete represents your clear understanding of a situation but can also mean that you are too unyielding and inflexible.

Dreaming about your ankle suggests you are seeking support and direction in your life.

To dream that you are injured suggests that you need to work on healing old wounds.

Seeing a chair in a dream symbolises that you need to sit down and take time out to contemplate a situation before proceeding.

To see a fictional character implies that you are attempting to escape from your own reality. The qualities of the fictional character need to be considered along with how you may need to incorporate and acknowledge those qualities within yourself.

Well, I don’t know about any of that. The way I see it, I listened to music before I went to sleep, I have a problem with my ankle and it swells up when I’ve been on my feet a lot and I may have seen part of a MacGyver episode that day. The dancing, I have no idea. I don’t dance, I’m very bad at it. I look like a Muppet but I wish that I could dance.

The only part of the interpretation that rings true for me is healing old wounds but I don’t think it means that I need to make sure that I do my exercises to sort my ankle out, I think it means emotional wounds.

I think my dream means that I need to let myself go a little bit more, enjoy myself and not worry about what people think.

Whatever, I really enjoyed dancing with MacGyver.

Spider and A Pint Glass

This dream I had a couple of weeks ago, it’s one of four from that night.

I find out that there’s a spider living in the shelf area of my bedside cabinet. I tell my husband about it and he informs me that it’s a dangerous one. I freak out and start shouting at him as he knows that it’s been there a while and I’ve been putting my hand near it countless times. As I’m freaking out, the spider crawls out of the cabinet and runs along the floor towards me. It’s like four inches big and a horrible pale brown colour. It stops on floor where there’s a random empty pint glass and seems to consider it for a moment. Somehow, it picks it up and takes it back to shelf in the bedside cabinet and manages to hang it up on it’s web and then uses it to live in.

I spend the rest of the night convinced the spider was actually there.

There are a few interpretations of seeing a spider in your dreams. It could mean that you need to keep your distance from a tempting situation or that you feel like an outsider in something. It could be symbolic of an overbearing mother figure in your life or refer to a powerful force protecting you against your self-destructive behaviour. Spiders can also imply that you’re planning your future and setting things in motion.

A drinking glass in your dream can signify healing and rejuvenation.

My interpretation? We have spiders living in the conservatory, one of which is a false widow, these can have an unpleasant bite. Also, like many other people, I have a fear of spiders. Put it like this, if a spider ran towards me in real life I would run screaming convinced it was after me. Why was it in my bedside cabinet? Hmm, I remember when I went to bed that night, my hand brushed against the earphone wire on my MP3 player. The glass? I drink water from a pint glass.

What ever it means, I hate dreaming about spiders!

Strangled by Indiana Jones

One dream I had a few years that I didn’t need to write down, involved, as the title suggests, being strangled by Indiana Jones.

It’s a lovely warm, sunny day and I’m hanging out with Indiana near the farmhouse that I used to live in at that time. Of course, he’s in his usual outfit with his hat and bag but without the leather jacket and his sleeves are rolled up to just below his elbows. We’re chatting, having a nice time and it seems as though we’re getting on well, he’s even flirting with me. My friend comes along, I introduce them and they start getting along well, too well, much to my disappointment. I’m soon forgotten about, all of his attention is on my friend. I stay with them with the hope that he’ll talk to me again but all he does is glance at me and frown. He looks as though he doesn’t want me there anymore, like he wants my friend all to himself. The next thing I know, he has his hands around my throat and his hat falls off in the effort to kill me.

That’s when I wake up, unable to breathe or move for what seems like eternity but is probably only a matter of seconds. It was my first experience of sleep paralysis.

Wonder what that means.

Well, to dream of being strangled means that you’re repressing or denying an important aspect of your expression. An actor or actress represents ones pursuit for pleasure. Their characteristics should be considered, do you associate with any of them as they could be characteristics that you need to acknowledge or incorporate into yourself?

When I had that dream, I might have been about 17 so I think the repressing or denying an important aspect of my expression is highly likely. I think most people that age feel the need to hide away part of themselves and their feelings, I know I did.

Pursuit for pleasure? Hmm, don’t we all have some sort of need/want of pleasure?

As for the characteristics of Indiana Jones, maybe there were some that I wanted/ needed. The character is strong physically and emotionally, I probably felt that I had neither back then.

The above interpretations could be applied although it’s highly likely that I had just watched one of the Indiana Jones films as I loved them, (still do, not so much the most recent though). I have no idea where the being strangled could have come from though!



Good morning all, have any strange dreams last night that you’d like to share? I had a few last night but the only one I can remember so far was to do with chocolate cake. I was at some kind of event, there was lots of people about talking among themselves and someone gave me a piece of chocolate cake and a drink. I have no idea what the drink was but the cake was the gooey kind with chocolate sauce on top and soft chocolate in the middle. I ate it. It was good.

I assume that in my dreams I’m not intolerant to dairy and needless to say, I woke up craving chocolate cake.

According to, seeing a cake in your dream means you need to learn to share and allocate workloads. It can also sybolise selfishness, feeling as though you’re not getting you’re fair share. To dream of eating with others apparently signifies harmony, merriness, personal gain and /or joyous spirits.

I think I just want to eat chocolate cake. I dreamed about it because I know in reality that I shouldn’t eat that kind of cake but I really want to.

Does anyone else have food related dreams?

Recurring Childhood Nightmare

A lot of my dreams are incredibly random and it’s not very often I have recurring dreams, however, as a child there was one particular one that was more of a nightmare then a dream. It involved being chased down the high street near where I lived by the wolf from the fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood. The wolf would be wearing Little Red Riding Hoods cape and would run on either all fours, like a wolf, or it’s hind legs, like a human. When it stood on it’s hind legs, it was about 7ft tall and of course, the cape was absurdly small on it as it was a child’s cape. The wolf would be snarling and have a look of insane hunger and anger on it’s face. I would be running as fast as I could to get home, when I got home I would run in screaming trying to tell my mother what was happening but she wouldn’t believe me. As I go to the back door to lock it, I can see the wolf through the window. That’s when wake up.

According to, being chased signifies avoiding a situation and is a metaphor for some form of insecurity. To be chased by an animal could mean that you’re running away from a primal urge or fear or that you have projected an unacknowledged anger on that animal. Being chased by a wolf implies unwillingness to confront a problem that has a negative impact on your life.

I can’t say what could have influenced that dream, it was so long ago now. Maybe I didn’t like that fairy tale, maybe I had a fear of wolves. What ever it was about, I know that dream terrified me up until my mid teens!



Hi there, I’m Kady Jo and welcome to my blog about dreaming. I have so many odd and colourful dreams that I have often found myself writing them down over the years. Many of them, I tell my friends and family about as they are incredibly random and amusing, e.g. dancing footloose style with MacGyver or being chased by giant beavers.

So, I have decided to share my dreams to see if there’s anyone else out there that has as many strange dreams as I do. I’m also going to try to decipher my dreams using dream interpretation sites online and my common sense, seeing what links to my activities during the day and what is pure nonsense.