Daniel Craig Bakes Gingerbread Men

Daniel Craig is in my home, well, the farmhouse I used to live in. It has exactly the same decor as it did when my family moved out only there’s an extra oven. There’s a wonderful smell in the air, someone’s been baking!

“I’ve made gingerbread men,” Daniel says.

“Ooo,” I say, “can I have one?”


“Okay then.”

I shrug and pick up a book and read until he goes outside. When I’m sure he’s not in ear shot, I creep across the kitchen and to take a peek in the ovens. Only the oven doors won’t open for some reason.

Daniel taps on the window, “I knew you’d do that so I took precautions,” he smiles.

The oven doors are locked. Daniel Craig is refusing to let me eat gingerbread men. He’s in my house, using my things and not letting me eat gingerbread. I’m not happy.

I wake up wanting gingerbread men and just for a fleeting moment, disliking Daniel Craig.

Interpretation using dreammoods.com-

  • An oven can indicate passion, loyalty, warmth and devotion
  • Gingerbread refers to homeliness and the comforts of home. I’m in a happy place
  • Being locked out suggests I’m feeling alienated or unaccepted. I have difficulty getting in touch with my feelings. I should consider what I’m being locked out of

My interpretation-

  • I did some baking yesterday
  • A friend I saw yesterday mentioned gingerbread
  • Maybe I like cakes and biscuits too much?
  • I like Daniel Craig