A Boat, A Plane and Tom Hiddleston

I’m on a white speed boat that has a black stripe down the side of it. I can see this because for some reason I’m hanging over the side. There’s three men in the boat, one of which is Tom Hiddleston, the other men are strangers to me. The only thing I know is that it’s a clear day and we’re in a rush.

My dream jumps to us standing on an airstrip near a beach. There’s a small airplane in front of us and Tom is looking pissed off.

“Couldn’t you have got a bigger plane? You know, one with more seats?” I ask him. The plan seems to be that the men go in the plane and I wing walk. Obviously I’m not keen on the idea. I don’t even know how they got me on the speedboat but they sure as hell aren’t getting me to wing walk and I tell Tom that. We argue and he gives up, pulls out a credit card from his jacket pocket and waves it at a member of staff who nods and walks off. Tom, mumbling something under his breath, follows. It seems he’s going to get on another plane. Satisfied that I no longer have to wing walk, I clamber into the plane to find that it’s a little worse for wear. Hoping we don’t crash, I sit down, fasten my seat belt and stare at the two men in front of me.

The dream jumps again and I find myself in a navy blue dress entering a banquet hall. There’s a ridiculously long table with strangers sat around it, chatting away and generally having a good time. I spot an empty seat, grateful to see that it’s next to a friend of mine. The two men from the boat and the plane sit next to me. I start chatting to my friend and after a few minutes, a ruffled Tom Hiddleston turns up. He’s not happy because he’s late and something happened on his flight. He won’t say what, just keeps giving me angry glances and parks himself opposite me. The angry glances get more intense as my friend and I start giggling, we’re drunk and my friend, is constantly commenting on how fit she thinks Tom is and what she’d like to do with him. Her comments are hilarious, other people think so too. But Tom doesn’t. Tom gets up and walks off. My friend shouts out, “nice arse, Tom!” and cracks up laughing.

I wake up.

Interpretation using http://www.dreammoods.com-

  • The speedboat could suggest that I don’t like to dwell on my emotions.
  • The airplane could indicate that I will over come my obstacles, rising to a new level of prominence and status. Or, I need to gain a better perspective on something.
  • A banquet indicates that I am emotionally malnourished and I need emotional stimulation.

My thoughts-

I have no idea where any of this came from but I’m pretty sure I don’t need any emotional stimulation. It’s possible I may need a better perspective on something and I suppose, negative emotions, I don’t like to dwell on. As for Tom Hiddleston, I think he was only there because I saw his name on something at some point. Why I was hanging over the edge of the boat and he wanted me to wing walk, I have no idea.


Shopping and Nathan Fillion

I’m in a shopping center with three of my friends in the town near where I used to live and I’m on a mission. I need to find the series Firefly on DVD, because, for some strange reason, I don’t have it yet. After looking in a few shops, I start to give up hope. My friends, Caz, Helen and Janine are getting bored. I tell them I’ll just look in this one last shop and I go straight to the back where there’s a man stood behind the counter. I ask him if he has Firefly. The man turns round and I realise it’s Nathan Fillion, who was in the series I’m looking for.

“I’ve got two episodes and Serenity,” he says.

“That’s no good. I want the complete series, you know, all fourteen episodes. I already have the film,” I tell him and lean against the counter.

“Well, that’s all you can have,” he says and leans against the counter opposite me, “pick one.”

“I don’t want to pick one.”

“Then you leave with nothing,” he grins smugly at me and I feel like thumping him.

“I’m not coming here again, your service is crap.”

“Fine by me.”

I turn away, walk out to where my friends are waiting and giggling and we go into a book shop where the woman behind the counter beckons me over as she ends a phone call. She hands me a small square of paper that I realise is a stamp. She’s written on it. I hold it close to read the writing. There’s a number, a time, a date and the name Nathan. I look at the woman expecting some sort of explanation.

“He wants to go out with you,” she points to the stamp, “then.”

“Um, okay,” I say and she picks up the phone and dials a number, “she said yes.”

I leave the shop, show my friends the stamp and Janine immediately starts planning my outfit and which shops we’ll go in to get it. Helen and Caz are giggly with delight at the prospect of clothes shopping with me and the three of them drag me off onto an escalator to go down a floor. As we’re going down, there’s a bang and I feel something whiz past me. Everyone screams and we all duck. I’m being shot at.

When I get to the bottom of the escalator, I notice my friends have, quite understandably, scarpered and for some reason I go after the shooter. He’s hiding behind a bin but can’t get away quick enough. Grabbing him by his backpack, I push him to the ground giving him a swift kick as I do so. The shooter is Simon Pegg (Spaced, Hot Fuzz).

I wake up.

Interpretation (using www.dreammoods.com) –

  • Shopping – symbolises my needs and desires. It can also represent opportunities and options. Not being able to find what I’m shopping for suggests I’m trying to find a solution to a problem.
  • Stamp – represents my need for communication.
  • Escalator – indicates movement between various levels of consciousness. Moving down the escalator implies repression. I may be experiencing a setback.
  • Being shot at – suggests I’m experiencing confrontation in my life.

My thoughts?

I don’t actually own Firefly but I do have Serenity. I’ve been meaning to buy the series since my brother introduced me to it a few years ago but just haven’t got around to it and have only in the past month got the film. So, that’s where that and Nathan Fillion came from. As for shopping, I went shopping with my husband at the weekend but not where my dream was set and we did use the escalators. The stamp part was weird but I did send a card in the post the day of this dream, so that explains that. I have no idea about being shot at, or why it was Simon Pegg.

Three Dreams, One Night

Here’s a few short dreams that I had in the same night.

  • I’m in space on a space station, wearing a space suit. My husband is there and I’m worrying about being in space as I’m not an astronaut and neither is he. Should we really be there? Surely there’s been some kind of mistake? Then I’m with my friend Caroline, walking around the town that I used to live near. We’re looking at photos on my phone of when we went in to space together. One photo is of us floating in space (fully suited in space suits, of course) and waving to the camera that we have tweeted and Tim Peake has re-tweeted it saying ‘awesome’.
  • I’m in a lift with Daniel Craig. He’s wearing grey trousers and a blue shirt with the sleeves rolled up. We’re laughing about something. The lift doors open onto a a corridor, we step out to discover the floor is icy. Daniel starts sliding up and down whilst I watch.
  • I’m being chased by a dog and have to climb over a really tall black, corrugated gate that has spikes on top of it.

I have no idea where any of those came from!

Wedding Day

A friend of mine, Caroline, is getting married and it’s her wedding day. My other friends, Janine and Helen and myself are her bridesmaids but for some reason, we’re wearing the bridesmaid dresses they all wore for my wedding. It’s also Janine’s birthday and somehow I’ve forgotten about it and I feel absolutely bloody awful. I’ve also managed to forget my tights and Janine has gone to get a pair for me. In the meantime, Helen and I are sat under a tree in what looks like the grounds of the secondary school we all went to. It’s a lovely sunny day and we’re faffing about with our dresses and getting confused as they don’t look quite right and so we try to decide if we should use petticoats under the dresses or not. The whole time we’re doing this, I’m thinking “Why haven’t we sorted this already?!” but I feel as though we have sorted it but it’s just not going right for some reason.

Then it suddenly jumps to it being my wedding day, in the same place and I’m in my wedding dress. I’ve been hiding somewhere and I’m panicking because I’m starting to realise that I can’t marry Dean because I’m in love with Bono. The next thing I know, I’m running down what I think we called the ‘language’ corridor in the school. I’ve hitched up my dress a bit so I run better and I’m going as fast as I can, pushing through guests, none of whom I recognise. I get to one of the ‘year areas’, still having to push through people and I’m in a complete panic thinking that I’ve left it too late. I get to another group of people and see Janine, with a Boots plastic carrier bag (my tights are in it) in her hand. I grab her by the shoulder and pull her round, “Where’s Mark?” I ask and then wonder who Mark is. “He’s in there,” she points to an office, “He’s getting ready.” I still have no idea who Mark is and ask if he’s in his suit yet. I then realise that if I’m marrying Mark, what’s the problem? The problem is, I don’t know Mark, along with the fact that I don’t know Dean and why was I about to marry him. Then, I see Mark through the office window. He’s tall, blonde, muscly and in a tuxedo and has a lovely smile. And I decide that I will marry Mark, even though I don’t know who he is because I quite like the look of him.

I wake up with U2’s ‘Stay’ in my head.

First, I feel the need to say that I never panicked like that on my wedding day, or in the run up to my wedding day. I am very happily married. Secondly, I’ve never wanted to marry Bono from U2. Thirdly, I have no idea who Dean and Mark are. I don’t know a Dean and I’ve never known a Mark that looked like that.

Interpretation using Dreammoods.com –

Secondary school – this refers to the bonds and friendships made whilst there.

Wearing a wedding dress – indicates the evaluation and assessment of a personal relationship.

Being a bridesmaid – this signifies a looming romance, also it could be the expression of the desire to be in a committed relationship.

Friends – seeing friends in a dream signifies aspects of your own personality that you have rejected but are ready to incorporate and acknowledge, or, dreaming of a friend can indicate positive news.

My thoughts?

My brother is getting married in September, and I’d just found out that two former colleagues of mine are also getting married in the same month. Plus, I have another good friend who’s getting hitched this year so I think that explains the wedding theme of the dream. As for wearing my wedding dress and earlier in the dream, a bridesmaid dress, I think that’s to do the fact that I had gone through some photo’s of my wedding day a couple of days before this dream. I can safely say it has nothing to do with a looming romance or the desire to be in a committed relationship. I’m in one. As for my friends, we chat online most days (we don’t live near each other) and the my old school? I spent the whole of my secondary school and sixth form life there, it will pop up from time to time.

Strangled by Indiana Jones

One dream I had a few years that I didn’t need to write down, involved, as the title suggests, being strangled by Indiana Jones.

It’s a lovely warm, sunny day and I’m hanging out with Indiana near the farmhouse that I used to live in at that time. Of course, he’s in his usual outfit with his hat and bag but without the leather jacket and his sleeves are rolled up to just below his elbows. We’re chatting, having a nice time and it seems as though we’re getting on well, he’s even flirting with me. My friend comes along, I introduce them and they start getting along well, too well, much to my disappointment. I’m soon forgotten about, all of his attention is on my friend. I stay with them with the hope that he’ll talk to me again but all he does is glance at me and frown. He looks as though he doesn’t want me there anymore, like he wants my friend all to himself. The next thing I know, he has his hands around my throat and his hat falls off in the effort to kill me.

That’s when I wake up, unable to breathe or move for what seems like eternity but is probably only a matter of seconds. It was my first experience of sleep paralysis.

Wonder what that means.

Well, to dream of being strangled means that you’re repressing or denying an important aspect of your expression. An actor or actress represents ones pursuit for pleasure. Their characteristics should be considered, do you associate with any of them as they could be characteristics that you need to acknowledge or incorporate into yourself?

When I had that dream, I might have been about 17 so I think the repressing or denying an important aspect of my expression is highly likely. I think most people that age feel the need to hide away part of themselves and their feelings, I know I did.

Pursuit for pleasure? Hmm, don’t we all have some sort of need/want of pleasure?

As for the characteristics of Indiana Jones, maybe there were some that I wanted/ needed. The character is strong physically and emotionally, I probably felt that I had neither back then.

The above interpretations could be applied although it’s highly likely that I had just watched one of the Indiana Jones films as I loved them, (still do, not so much the most recent though). I have no idea where the being strangled could have come from though!