Same Night, No Explanation Possible

As the title suggests, all in the same night and I have no way of explaining them!

  • I’m in a desert stood on the edge of a group of people. There’s a gold convertible car with one person in it. That person is on fire. They die and slump over the windscreen.
  • Bruce Springsteen in a field in orange overalls leading some sort of rescue.
  • Yellow and red birds that fly and land on a tree exactly the same as them but as soon as they do, it turns green with only a little bit of yellow on it.
  • The Shires ( a band from the UK) deliver snow in a monster truck to me at the farmhouse I used to live at.

Keep dreaming!


Different Nights, Same Kind of Crazy

As the title suggests, all of the following took place on different nights but they’re all random and strange!

  • My husband and I are trying to get through airport security (I have no idea where we’re going) and we get pulled aside and taken to a yellow room for people to search through our belongings. I have blisters on my feet.
  • Bruce Springsteen is in the kitchen at the farmhouse where I grew up. He’s making dinner, telling me it’s not ready even though it quite clearly is. The fish-fingers are burned.
  • I’m chasing Hugh Jackman. He’s climbing walls to get away from me but I just keep following!
  • I’m with a group of people on a submarine (although, it’s rather spacious). Water starts to come in, an alarm goes off. I manage to find an air pocket and watch on a screen as the Klingons (Star Trek) get closer, waiting for them to beam me and any other survivors out even though they are the enemy.

There are no words for how random these dreams are!

Keep dreaming

Daniel Craig Bakes Gingerbread Men

Daniel Craig is in my home, well, the farmhouse I used to live in. It has exactly the same decor as it did when my family moved out only there’s an extra oven. There’s a wonderful smell in the air, someone’s been baking!

“I’ve made gingerbread men,” Daniel says.

“Ooo,” I say, “can I have one?”


“Okay then.”

I shrug and pick up a book and read until he goes outside. When I’m sure he’s not in ear shot, I creep across the kitchen and to take a peek in the ovens. Only the oven doors won’t open for some reason.

Daniel taps on the window, “I knew you’d do that so I took precautions,” he smiles.

The oven doors are locked. Daniel Craig is refusing to let me eat gingerbread men. He’s in my house, using my things and not letting me eat gingerbread. I’m not happy.

I wake up wanting gingerbread men and just for a fleeting moment, disliking Daniel Craig.

Interpretation using

  • An oven can indicate passion, loyalty, warmth and devotion
  • Gingerbread refers to homeliness and the comforts of home. I’m in a happy place
  • Being locked out suggests I’m feeling alienated or unaccepted. I have difficulty getting in touch with my feelings. I should consider what I’m being locked out of

My interpretation-

  • I did some baking yesterday
  • A friend I saw yesterday mentioned gingerbread
  • Maybe I like cakes and biscuits too much?
  • I like Daniel Craig

Shopping and Nathan Fillion

I’m in a shopping center with three of my friends in the town near where I used to live and I’m on a mission. I need to find the series Firefly on DVD, because, for some strange reason, I don’t have it yet. After looking in a few shops, I start to give up hope. My friends, Caz, Helen and Janine are getting bored. I tell them I’ll just look in this one last shop and I go straight to the back where there’s a man stood behind the counter. I ask him if he has Firefly. The man turns round and I realise it’s Nathan Fillion, who was in the series I’m looking for.

“I’ve got two episodes and Serenity,” he says.

“That’s no good. I want the complete series, you know, all fourteen episodes. I already have the film,” I tell him and lean against the counter.

“Well, that’s all you can have,” he says and leans against the counter opposite me, “pick one.”

“I don’t want to pick one.”

“Then you leave with nothing,” he grins smugly at me and I feel like thumping him.

“I’m not coming here again, your service is crap.”

“Fine by me.”

I turn away, walk out to where my friends are waiting and giggling and we go into a book shop where the woman behind the counter beckons me over as she ends a phone call. She hands me a small square of paper that I realise is a stamp. She’s written on it. I hold it close to read the writing. There’s a number, a time, a date and the name Nathan. I look at the woman expecting some sort of explanation.

“He wants to go out with you,” she points to the stamp, “then.”

“Um, okay,” I say and she picks up the phone and dials a number, “she said yes.”

I leave the shop, show my friends the stamp and Janine immediately starts planning my outfit and which shops we’ll go in to get it. Helen and Caz are giggly with delight at the prospect of clothes shopping with me and the three of them drag me off onto an escalator to go down a floor. As we’re going down, there’s a bang and I feel something whiz past me. Everyone screams and we all duck. I’m being shot at.

When I get to the bottom of the escalator, I notice my friends have, quite understandably, scarpered and for some reason I go after the shooter. He’s hiding behind a bin but can’t get away quick enough. Grabbing him by his backpack, I push him to the ground giving him a swift kick as I do so. The shooter is Simon Pegg (Spaced, Hot Fuzz).

I wake up.

Interpretation (using –

  • Shopping – symbolises my needs and desires. It can also represent opportunities and options. Not being able to find what I’m shopping for suggests I’m trying to find a solution to a problem.
  • Stamp – represents my need for communication.
  • Escalator – indicates movement between various levels of consciousness. Moving down the escalator implies repression. I may be experiencing a setback.
  • Being shot at – suggests I’m experiencing confrontation in my life.

My thoughts?

I don’t actually own Firefly but I do have Serenity. I’ve been meaning to buy the series since my brother introduced me to it a few years ago but just haven’t got around to it and have only in the past month got the film. So, that’s where that and Nathan Fillion came from. As for shopping, I went shopping with my husband at the weekend but not where my dream was set and we did use the escalators. The stamp part was weird but I did send a card in the post the day of this dream, so that explains that. I have no idea about being shot at, or why it was Simon Pegg.

The Village Shop and Hugh

I’m walking into the village where I used to live with a guy with blonde hair. It’s day time, the sun is hazy and it’s warm. We cut through the trees that run along the left hand side of the path and follow a vague path. I’m holding a silver necklace, it’s heart shaped and matches the necklace that the guy is wearing. I show mine to him but he refuses to look at it. We come out of the trees to find it’s raining, we get into an argument and he walks off. I carry on walking heading towards the village shop. As I get closer, I notice that there’s random scaffolding on my right near the main road. There’s people on the scaffolding, one of which is MacGyver. I smile at him and he nods at me. I cross the road and enter the shop, it’s slightly different inside and it’s crammed full of people. Someone approaches me saying ‘hi’ I recognise them as a former colleague and we chat for a minute until a man approaches me. I have to assume here that he said or did something offensive as I threaten to throw him out if he doesn’t get out of my sight.

The shop changes, it gets bigger and there’s more colour and more people. To my left there’s seating, in front of me is a large carpeted room. The carpet is green and has children’s toys scattered across it. Suddenly, my saxophone is in my hands and I start playing it, badly and it fills with soapy water. I empty it and start to clean it out when Hugh Jackman appears and starts singing ‘The Surrey With a Fringe on Top’ from Oklahoma. Then we sit on the floor and play with the toys. He takes a photo.

I wake up.

Yeah, too random to interpret!

Meerkat Insects, Gliders and Lockers

I’m in a grassy field. It looks like it’s one on the farm I grew up on but the view is different and there’s tall hedges all the way around the perimeter. There’s four people with me, I don’t know who they are but three of them are male and one is female. Two of the men have light grey hair, the woman has long dark hair. There’s also a dog. It seems as though we’ve been walking for a while, I ache, I’m tired and thirsty as it’s a hot day. We decide to take a break as the taller grey haired man says,“we’re safe for now”. I drop my backpack on the ground and plonk myself on the grass, pull out a bottle of water and push the slobbering dog away as drink. Noticing movement in the grass, I spot insects. I lean a bit closer see that there are moths and grasshoppers dotted about in the grass around me. Well, they have the body of either a moth or a grasshopper but for some reason they have the head of a meerkat. Insect bodies, tiny fluffy meerkat heads. As I’m looking at these, there’s a noise over head, I look up to see a glider of sorts in the sky. We’ve been found. The taller man is grabbing my arm and telling me that we have to head for cover. I grab my bag as he drags me off and we run towards the hedge which provides poor cover from the now numerous gliders ahead that are shooting at us. The five of us search along the hedge for something when the taller man shouts that he’s found it, grabs me yet again and drags me through the hedge leaving the others behind. Finding ourselves in a dusty, disused room full of green and yellow lockers, we start searching. I don’t know what we’re searching for but I know that we have to find whatever it is first. After searching through several lockers, I find a tatty folder full of stuff from my childhood, pictures I drew, school reports, that kind of thing. As I’m looking through it all, someone attacks me from behind trying to take the folder from me. I charge backwards, ramming them into some lockers behind me. The taller man tells me to get the others.

I wake up.

My interpretation – just plain weird.

An Odd Day Out-Part Two

So, I’ve been kidnapped. I don’t know by who exactly and I’m not sure how but there’s a group of men dressed in black and there are guns involved. Whilst this is going on, my husband has turned into Hugh Jackman somehow. I know this because Hugh is wearing my husbands clothes. I’m not sure how but he rescues me and someone else, another woman who has been kidnapped. I don’t know this woman but she has long, wavy blonde hair. The three of us make a run for it and the setting changes, we’re running away from the farm house that I used to live in, running past the barn and heading towards the sheds in the farm yard. We slow down as we’re not being chased anymore and follow the dirt track that runs behind the sheds, past some trees and into fields. The back of the sheds are to the right of us and trees are to the left. There are deep, muddy ruts from tractor wheels, with the odd puddle of water. There’s grass and weeds growing in the middle of the tracks. There are tiny footprints in some of the ruts, doll sized footprints. They scare me. Hugh and the other woman walk ahead of me and chat, the woman is talking about something but I don’t know what. The further we go, the more tiny footprints I see. If Hugh and the other woman see them, they aren’t bothered. I’m terrified.

All of a sudden, I’m in the small kitchen of the farmhouse. I’m tidying up, putting things away. I think I’m cleaning up blood. My clothes are dirty with dried mud. I look into the next room to see Hugh Jackman, still in my husbands clothes, filming for a commercial and posing in front of cameras.

I wake up.