Pirate Teether Toy Nightmare

I had this one Sunday night, it was one of many (not on the same theme, luckily) and it left me unable to sleep for a while.

I’ll keep it short and (not so very) sweet.

My daughter, who has just turned five months old, has a toy. It’s a little pirate teether toy and she loves it. It’s guaranteed to bring a smile to her face. It crinkles, it’s easy to grab, easy to move about and, well, she just loves it. And I used to like it. Until last night when I dreamt it was like Chucky from the film Child’s Play where it came alive and, holding a rather pointy and sharp knife, hunted me down.

I’m extremely grateful I can’t remember much of the dream apart from one bit where it managed to climb the stairs, menacing, evil look in it’s beady little eye. Suffice to say when I woke, I was pretty darn sure I could hear it’s crinkly, creepy little body making it’s way up the stairs, knife in hand, little yellow, plastic ring feet dragging along behind it as it came to find me and kill me.

It took a while for me to get back to sleep and it’s taken best part of the day for me to be able to look at that damn toy, let alone touch it.

My other dreams last night involved lots of things I can’t remember but there was one dream with Nathan Fillion in. It wasn’t a nice dream but it was nice that he was in it.


Biscuit Dough, The Queen and Pineapple

This weirdness happened Sunday morning and I did my best to remember as much as possible whilst cracking on with my day at six o’ clock in the morning.

I’m in the yard on the farm I used to live on trying to make Star Trek badge biscuits. I’ve got the dough made and I’m looking for implements I can use to cut the shape I want. The dough is semi rolled out on our paint flecked modelling table. The dough is semi rolled out because the table is covered in other objects, what they are I don’t know, the table is just really messy and I don’t have much room to work with. There’s other people with me but I can’t tell who they are. Anyway, one minute all this is outside, then we’re inside the farm house in the big kitchen but with the same table only now the biscuit dough is sticking to the table and I’m making a right mess to go along with all the other mess on the table which has now spread to the rest of the room and the neighbouring room. Whilst I’m peeling the dough off the table and worrying about how messy the house is when some rather posh cars pull up outside and the next thing I know, Queen Elizabeth II is in the room shaking hands and nodding politely. But she’s not just The Queen, she’s also my Nan (my actual Nan looks nothing like the queen and is probably extremely different in personality and temperament) and she wants to have a word with my mum, me and someone else one at a time and in private so me and my brother (who has suddenly appeared) go to the front room to find a fire (in the fireplace) going and a strange woman sat in a chair who starts talking to us. I wander around the back of the chair to a table that’s set up with Easter eggs and other assorted chocolate, some other stuff and a serving dish with leftover pineapple soup (I’m assuming the soup part but there was chunks of pineapple so I know for a fact it was pineapple based). Behind the table is a real, un-decorated Christmas Tree.

I’m woken by my daughter thrashing about in her cot and going “Eh!”

Interpretation using dreammoods.com –

  • Dough – signifies potential, possibilities and the ability to create.

  • Farm – suggests I need to develop an aspect of myself and utilise my potential.

  • Childhood home – indicates my desires for building a family. It also reflects aspects of myself that were developing whilst I lived there.

  • Table – represents social unity and family connections.

  • Paint- symbolises expression of my inner emotions.

  • The Queen – symbolises intuition, personal growth, power and influence.

  • Chocolate – signifies love, celebration and self reward. It could also suggest I am indulging in too many excesses and need to practice restraint.

  • Pineapple – represents self-confidence, ambition and success.

My thoughts –

  • Dough – I thought about making biscuits that day, also my husband made some bread dough that evening.

  • The farm – I lived there for over fifteen years, I think about it from time to time so it will pop up in my dreams.

  • The Table – It’s been around for as long as I can remember and is still going (it used to be our main dining table as we grew up then we used it for painting models on and doing other arts and crafts over the years and now I think it’s regained it’s original purpose as a dining table).

  • The Queen – pfft, I can’t come up with anything for that one, especially her being my Nan. It was odd (apart from the obvious) because it felt like she wanted to pass on her knowledge of certain things because she was going to die. My Nan’s health isn’t great so maybe it’s a worry I have appearing in my dream in a strange way.

  • Chocolate – I like chocolate. It’d be nice if I dreamed of it more often. As for indulging in too many excesses, I can’t think what I could be over indulging in.

  • Pineapple – I’m not sure how pineapple is my self-confidence, ambition and success apart from the fact it was going off in the dream and I don’t really have much of either.

I could look at every aspect of the dream but I simply don’t have the time because my daughter is going to wake up soon! Also, it would probably bore you to death.

Anywho, keep on dreaming!

Same Night, No Explanation Possible

As the title suggests, all in the same night and I have no way of explaining them!

  • I’m in a desert stood on the edge of a group of people. There’s a gold convertible car with one person in it. That person is on fire. They die and slump over the windscreen.
  • Bruce Springsteen in a field in orange overalls leading some sort of rescue.
  • Yellow and red birds that fly and land on a tree exactly the same as them but as soon as they do, it turns green with only a little bit of yellow on it.
  • The Shires ( a band from the UK) deliver snow in a monster truck to me at the farmhouse I used to live at.

Keep dreaming!

Different Nights, Same Kind of Crazy

As the title suggests, all of the following took place on different nights but they’re all random and strange!

  • My husband and I are trying to get through airport security (I have no idea where we’re going) and we get pulled aside and taken to a yellow room for people to search through our belongings. I have blisters on my feet.
  • Bruce Springsteen is in the kitchen at the farmhouse where I grew up. He’s making dinner, telling me it’s not ready even though it quite clearly is. The fish-fingers are burned.
  • I’m chasing Hugh Jackman. He’s climbing walls to get away from me but I just keep following!
  • I’m with a group of people on a submarine (although, it’s rather spacious). Water starts to come in, an alarm goes off. I manage to find an air pocket and watch on a screen as the Klingons (Star Trek) get closer, waiting for them to beam me and any other survivors out even though they are the enemy.

There are no words for how random these dreams are!

Keep dreaming

What A Night!

Last night in my sleep I;

  • Took a tour of America only it didn’t look like America, more like a street in an area I used to live in.
  • Was chased through a warehouse by two people trying to kill me, one had a gun. It had something to do with an alien. I think I made it out alive.
  • Had to dance with Pierce Brosnan on a stage whilst tying his tie. It had blue in it. I couldn’t tie it very well.

Needless to say that’s just summing up what went on in my head whilst I was asleep, I remember more than that for each dream but with there being three of the damn things I could write forever trying to get all the details. For example, at some point in one of the dreams, someone had a large jar of rather big pickled eggs.

There were actually more dreams than that but I can’t remember them.

By the way, eggs are connected to life and spirituality, representing potential within. Why they were pickled, I don’t have a clue!

Shopping and Seagulls

I’m not going to fully go into this dream from the other night because it was so damn long and didn’t make any sense what so ever. It jumped from day to evening with different people but it was very clear to me in the dream that it was one event.

It started with me and parents in a local supermarket (near my parents home) and my mum decides she’s done with shopping and wants to drive home, leaving my dad in the shop with all the shopping. In the car we get and my mum starts driving, only she can’t drive and we end up going the wrong way up the road as she tries to turn around to go get my dad. My brother is in the car with us.

Next, it jumps to us all walking down a street somewhere. It’s dark and my brother and I are chatting whilst our parents walk ahead. We stop to look at a wall for some reason, there’s gold coins at the foot of the wall.

Then it jumps back to day time and I’m with my mum and a group of people. It seems like we’re on a tour of some sort as we have maps and leaflets in our hands. It’s sunny but cold and we’re walking around the outside of a shopping centre in my home town. Everyone is having a good time apart from me because I should be going to meet my friend only I don’t know where my friend is. I keep walking with the group and we find ourselves in a covered area that’s filled with geese. The geese turn into seagulls. There’s a white cat eating a seagull only there’s no blood to be seen.

Sometime after this, I wake up.

First, I feel the need to to say that my mother is a very competent motorcyclist, and even though at times she forgets things, she’d never go the wrong way up a road in a vehicle she can’t legally drive or forget my dad.

Interpretation using dreammoods.com –

  • Shopping – symbolises my needs and desires. I should consider what I’m shopping for.

  • Family – represents security, warmth and love. Or, bitterness, jealousy and rivalry depending on my relationship with my family.

  • Geese – represent domesticity and lifelong companionship. It could also indicate my tendency to go with the crowd

  • Seagulls – indicate a desire to get away from my problems or demands of life or it can symbolise my strengths.

  • White Cat – denotes difficult times.

My thoughts –

This is one random dream.

Daniel Craig Bakes Gingerbread Men

Daniel Craig is in my home, well, the farmhouse I used to live in. It has exactly the same decor as it did when my family moved out only there’s an extra oven. There’s a wonderful smell in the air, someone’s been baking!

“I’ve made gingerbread men,” Daniel says.

“Ooo,” I say, “can I have one?”


“Okay then.”

I shrug and pick up a book and read until he goes outside. When I’m sure he’s not in ear shot, I creep across the kitchen and to take a peek in the ovens. Only the oven doors won’t open for some reason.

Daniel taps on the window, “I knew you’d do that so I took precautions,” he smiles.

The oven doors are locked. Daniel Craig is refusing to let me eat gingerbread men. He’s in my house, using my things and not letting me eat gingerbread. I’m not happy.

I wake up wanting gingerbread men and just for a fleeting moment, disliking Daniel Craig.

Interpretation using dreammoods.com-

  • An oven can indicate passion, loyalty, warmth and devotion
  • Gingerbread refers to homeliness and the comforts of home. I’m in a happy place
  • Being locked out suggests I’m feeling alienated or unaccepted. I have difficulty getting in touch with my feelings. I should consider what I’m being locked out of

My interpretation-

  • I did some baking yesterday
  • A friend I saw yesterday mentioned gingerbread
  • Maybe I like cakes and biscuits too much?
  • I like Daniel Craig