Just Keep Swimming

Swimming is a recurring theme that started when I was a child, ended when I was a teenager and then started up when I started swimming again about five years ago and, even though I’ve not been swimming for the past two years, the theme does keep popping up.

Nine times out of ten, it’s the same swimming pool. This makes sense as it was attached to the secondary school I went to and all swimming lessons where held there. When I was at school, I absolutely hated swimming. I’ve never had much confidence in the water and don’t feel as though I’m a strong swimmer. Although,when I returned to swimming at the age of twenty-seven, ( at the same pool) I could manage to swim half a mile. Along with it being the same pool, I’m always doing the front crawl in these dreams as it’s the only stroke I’m half decent at.

There’s always a problem in these dreams where the pool is either;

  • Too busy with other swimmers
  • Filled with random objects that I have to swim through
  • Emptying as I swim
  • Not big enough

Interpretation using dreammoods.com;

  • Dreaming of swimming means that I’m exploring aspects of my subconscious. It may be a sign that I’m seeking emotional support.
  • Seeing a swimming pool symbolises relaxation, calmness, luxury and ease. I need to take a break or, I may need to acknowledge and understand my feelings. If I’m swimming at the deep end it means that these emotions are deeply seated and may be harder to confront. Swimming at the shallow end means those emotions will be easier to deal with.
  • If the pool is filled with trash, it suggests that my lifestyle is one of excess, I need to discard negative emotions .
  • An empty swimming pool means I’m feeling empty and devoid of emotions.
  • Dreaming that something is smaller than usual represents feelings of insignificance and helplessness.

My thoughts;

  • I can’t think of exactly when I had these dreams but is possible it was at a time when I needed emotional support.
  • I tend to see the pool inmost of these dreams but this interpretation does contradict the rest of the points interpreted. Although, after swimming, in real life, I do feel calmer and slightly relaxed.
  • The pool in my dreams has a deep end and shallow end and I swim up and down several times. Does this mean I have a vast amount of emotions that I have to deal with? Or does it mean that I keep coming across the same emotions?
  • The pool isn’t filled with trash, not obviously anyway. It tends to be plastic containers and sometimes furniture. All of it is floating and in my way.
  • The pool is never empty but emptying for whatever reason. Could this mean that I’m in the process of being devoid of emotions instead of already being devoid of them?
  • Sometimes in these dreams, I do feel helpless because of one of the problems.

Maybe these dreams do have some significance or maybe they mean that I should keep swimming as, after swimming, I feel clearer mentally.


The Herding of the Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs feature too often in my dreams. I know it sounds odd, that I dream about guinea pigs, but as stated in my bio, I am a part time guinea pig herder. We have eleven of them so they do need to be herded.

Now, the dreams that feature guinea pigs often involve the fact that they’ve escaped and I’m trying to catch the damn things in a garden or I’m trying to find them.

In one dream, I’m in my parents garden trying to catch at least four of the male pigs but they keep slipping out of my grasp.

Another one involved them escaping whilst being transported. We’d pulled over on the roadside for a break and to stretch our legs and the pigs had decided to do the same. Cue me, trying to catch them.

In another dream, they’d all escaped in a field. The grass is too tall to see them and I’m shouting their names, which is pointless as guinea pigs don’t tend to respond in anyway unless there’s food involved. I catch all of them apart from one so I keep calling it’s name. I see movement in the grass but when I look, it’s not the guinea pig I’m looking for. I pick it up anyway and put it in a pen. Every time I go back to look, I find another one, and another and another until I finally find the pig I’m looking for but it doesn’t look like him. It’s still a guinea pig, but it has the markings and colouring of my cat which is a British Shorthair of sorts that, as my dad likes to say, looks like it’s wearing leg warmers. Needless to say, that looks pretty odd on a guinea pig.

That wasn’t the weirdest one though. The weirdest one by far involving guinea pigs consisted of them being lined up on the landing at the top of the stairs of the house we’re living in. They’re lined up in pairs. They’re going to get married. How do I know this? One of the male pigs is wearing a top hat and the female next to him is wearing a little flowery headband with what looks like a veil attached to it.

Interpretation – we have too many guinea pigs!