Hyperventilating in Front of Bruce Springsteen

It’s insanely noisy in the school hall that I’m in because it’s filled with people and there’s a band playing on the stage. It’s Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street band. Finally, at last! I’m at a Springsteen concert! But it doesn’t quite make sense to me as to why it’s in a school hall or why some of the seats are empty (they’re those plastic orangy-red chairs with black legs). I’m sat at the side on a long cabinet, the type you find in classrooms built in the 1950’s-1960’s, heavily varnished on top with loads of etched in graffiti.

Bruce is doing his thing, walking up and down the stage talking and he jumps down and sits on a table (I have no idea when these appeared but there’s school tables in place of some of the chairs) and starts chatting with someone. Now, he’s not far from me and I’m thinking if I can just give myself that little push, I could go over there, say ‘hi’ or something. Just something, anything because will I ever get this opportunity again? No! I must do something. So, what I manage to do is roll up my sleeves as I start to sweat at the thought of going over. My chest is tight, my heart is going crazy and I’m struggling to breathe but I have to go over! I must fight through my anxiety and take this chance!

Then, he starts to make his way over, sitting on another table and swinging his legs over, standing and walking over to me. Me! He stands in front of me, sticks out his hand for me to shake, says ‘hi there’ and I, being the panic induced idiot that I am, start to hyperventilate. I’m hyperventilating in front of Bruce Springsteen. Of course, what else would I do? Be normal? My breathing has got so out of control I’m on the verge of passing out. The Boss is stood in front of me and I’m going to collapse on him.

I wake up hyperventilating.

Interpretation using http://www.dreammoods.com-

  • Orange – denotes hope, friendliness, generosity and sociability. Also represents a stimulation of the senses.

  • Table – represents social unity and family connections.

  • Concert – represents harmony and cooperation in a situation or relationship in waking life.

  • Breathing rapidly – indicates anxiety, fear or tension concerning a new situation in waking life.

My thoughts –

  • Orange – one of my favourite colours

  • Tables – um, not sure but tables and chairs go together…

  • Concert – not sure about harmony and cooperation but I’m pretty sure I listened to some Springsteen that day, most likely live recordings also, I really, really, want to see him live.

  • Breathing rapidly/hyperventilating – pretty damn sure I’d do this in real life if I ever, somehow met Bruce so, even though the dream was unrealistic, the way I reacted in it wasn’t. Not sure why I was breathing like that when I woke though, not very pleasant.

Keep dreaming!


Just Keep Swimming

Swimming is a recurring theme that started when I was a child, ended when I was a teenager and then started up when I started swimming again about five years ago and, even though I’ve not been swimming for the past two years, the theme does keep popping up.

Nine times out of ten, it’s the same swimming pool. This makes sense as it was attached to the secondary school I went to and all swimming lessons where held there. When I was at school, I absolutely hated swimming. I’ve never had much confidence in the water and don’t feel as though I’m a strong swimmer. Although,when I returned to swimming at the age of twenty-seven, ( at the same pool) I could manage to swim half a mile. Along with it being the same pool, I’m always doing the front crawl in these dreams as it’s the only stroke I’m half decent at.

There’s always a problem in these dreams where the pool is either;

  • Too busy with other swimmers
  • Filled with random objects that I have to swim through
  • Emptying as I swim
  • Not big enough

Interpretation using dreammoods.com;

  • Dreaming of swimming means that I’m exploring aspects of my subconscious. It may be a sign that I’m seeking emotional support.
  • Seeing a swimming pool symbolises relaxation, calmness, luxury and ease. I need to take a break or, I may need to acknowledge and understand my feelings. If I’m swimming at the deep end it means that these emotions are deeply seated and may be harder to confront. Swimming at the shallow end means those emotions will be easier to deal with.
  • If the pool is filled with trash, it suggests that my lifestyle is one of excess, I need to discard negative emotions .
  • An empty swimming pool means I’m feeling empty and devoid of emotions.
  • Dreaming that something is smaller than usual represents feelings of insignificance and helplessness.

My thoughts;

  • I can’t think of exactly when I had these dreams but is possible it was at a time when I needed emotional support.
  • I tend to see the pool inmost of these dreams but this interpretation does contradict the rest of the points interpreted. Although, after swimming, in real life, I do feel calmer and slightly relaxed.
  • The pool in my dreams has a deep end and shallow end and I swim up and down several times. Does this mean I have a vast amount of emotions that I have to deal with? Or does it mean that I keep coming across the same emotions?
  • The pool isn’t filled with trash, not obviously anyway. It tends to be plastic containers and sometimes furniture. All of it is floating and in my way.
  • The pool is never empty but emptying for whatever reason. Could this mean that I’m in the process of being devoid of emotions instead of already being devoid of them?
  • Sometimes in these dreams, I do feel helpless because of one of the problems.

Maybe these dreams do have some significance or maybe they mean that I should keep swimming as, after swimming, I feel clearer mentally.

Weirdness and Bond, James Bond

I’m the secondary school I went to in what we called the P.E corridor, heading up towards the 6th form college. The walls are made out of red brick and the floor consists of those rusty red tiles. For some reason, there’s a load of sheep in front of me and four strange guys attempting to herd them into 6th form. I decide to help them seeing as I’ve herded sheep before.

One of the guys laughs at me and says, “You can’t help.”

I reply with, “Actually, I can. I grew up on a farm, I’ve done this loads.” They continue to laugh and make comments and I tell them to go do something unpleasant to themselves as I manage to herd the sheep through the doors. I walk off and end up in another corridor that looks exactly the same, and is the same only it’s blue and judging from the view from the windows on my left, I’m higher up, like on a tenth floor or something. Through the glass on the double doors behind me I can see Daniel Craig, wearing a white shirt, sat at a small, square table talking to someone. I don’t know who the other person is but they have dark hair. Daniel keeps looking at me and frowning as he talks. As I turn away, I look out of the window to see a flying train. It kind of looks like a bird, in the sense that the front of the train is like a head of a bird; it has a beak and eyes. There are people on the train. It’s flying but crashing. I only know it’s crashing because of the look of terror on the passengers faces.

The doors behind me open and close and Daniel Craig stands beside me.

“I’ve been looking for you,” he says.

I glance at him and then look back at the scene unfolding in the sky outside, “Why?” I ask.

He frowns at me again, “What happened?” I shrug at him and he finally follows my gaze.

He takes hold of my arm, “We have to go.” he says and we start walking. It’s then that I realise, Daniel Craig is actually James Bond.

Suddenly, we’re in a badly lit room and Bond is randomly rolling about the room and posing whilst wearing two pairs of jeans and two tops. I can hear a voice but I don’t know whose it belongs to as there’s no one else in the room.

“We decided to shoot this scene as we wanted Daniel to show off his skills.” says the voice. At this point, Bond is shirtless but still wearing a pair of black jeans over a blue pair and has rolled under a glass coffee table. A woman appears out of nowhere and they start making out in the far corner of the room. Not exactly wanting to witness any of it, I start to make my way out of the room. Bond calls my name but I ignore him until he grabs me by the arm again and turns me around to face him. He tips his head to the side with the intention of getting me to look in the far corner of the room where he was just making out with the random woman. I look to see that the woman has gone and there’s a man in her place, back pressed up against the wall with a look of sheer terror on his face. I look to where his eyes are transfixed to find he’s looking at some kind of hideous, weird purple/orange creature floating outside the window. It’s body pulsates and emits the odd flash of blue light. The man is dying of fright. I’m a little bit scared myself.

I walk out of the room and find myself on a landing. The walls are white, the carpet and curtains are red. There’s something strange happening at the window to my left so I walk over to get a closer look when a fake skeleton jumps up outside the window. It’s laughing and wearing a small top hat and has a cigar in it’s mouth. It’s not the only one, there’s one at each window. I can hear them all laughing. The skeleton I’m looking at lowers itself so that I can only see it’s fingers clinging onto the windowsill. Bond appears at my side. He’s dressed in a fitted black polo shirt and khaki chinos. The skeleton pops up again and repulsed, I smash my hand through the window and push the thing off. I hear it land on the ground below, it’s still laughing. My right hand is covered in blood.

Bond grabs my left hand, “We have to go.” he says again and we head down the set of stairs, him leading the way and leave out of the front door.

Momentarily blinded by the strong sunlight, we pause for a moment as our eyes adjust. It seems as though we’re in a foreign country. The street we’re on is pale, and the buildings are pale as though bleached by the sun. The sky is clear and it’s hot. Bond is still holding my left hand, I have a camera in the other. He tells me that he wants me to take as many photos as possible, particularity of landmarks. I start snapping away and the street changes. There’s a lot more people about and the buildings are made of a darker coloured stone and seem to be surrounded by scaffolding. I start to get annoyed as he’s walking too fast and I’m not managing to take many photos. To the left of us is a wall with red roses growing up it. We chat as we walk, but I don’t know what about.

As we walk hand in hand, me waving my camera about, someone walks in front of us. It’s Daniel Craig or Bond again, I don’t know which. He’s wearing exactly the same as the Bond holding my hand. Anyway he walks in front of me, and me being me, takes photos of his arse using the zoom lens occasionally. Grinning, I turn to the Bond holding my hand. He laughs, smiles at me and then puts his arm around my shoulders.

The street has changed back to the pale brickwork and we’re approaching what looks like a palace of sorts. There are long red curtains hanging from the brick work. Ahead of us is a woman taking photos. A Tibetan monk takes her phone from her. I hide my camera as Bond pulls me closer to him, his arm now around my side.

I wake up.

This dream was really difficult to interpret as there’s so much going on it and, I don’t think a lot of it can be interpreted. I mean, take the skeletons for an example. They signify/represent something but, does that change because they’re plastic skeletons and not real ones? Does the fact that one was wearing a small top hat and had a cigar in it’s mouth change anything? Also, the creature floating outside the window, the only way to remotely interpret that is to look at the colours, creature/monster and floating and then look again at the meaning of a window. Same goes for the flying bird/train thing. And for James Bond wearing two sets of clothing and rolling around a room and posing. You can see my point, right? It’s bloody confusing and almost never ending. Furthermore, what I have looked at, doesn’t make any sense to me as an individual.

However, I am going to mention one part of the interpretation because it makes me laugh;

  • Holding hands – this represents love, affection and my connection to that person. It may also reflect anxieties about losing touch with them.

Obviously, I have no connection to James Bond or Daniel Craig thus meaning I can’t have anxiety over losing contact with them. One isn’t real and the other I have never met. Although, I do love Daniel Craig and I guess I’m concerned that he won’t do another Bond film.

There is very little, if anything at all, in real life that I can think of that influenced this dream. E.g; I’ve not helped herd sheep since I was a kid, haven’t been in my secondary school for years and I haven’t recently watched a Bond film.

Anyway, for me, this dream was extremely random (especially the monk ) and, even though disturbing in some parts ( flying/crashing bird train, floating creature, random man dying of fright), I actually enjoyed it because I’ve been hoping and waiting for ages to have a decent dream with Daniel Craig in it and at last, it happened.

Wedding Day

A friend of mine, Caroline, is getting married and it’s her wedding day. My other friends, Janine and Helen and myself are her bridesmaids but for some reason, we’re wearing the bridesmaid dresses they all wore for my wedding. It’s also Janine’s birthday and somehow I’ve forgotten about it and I feel absolutely bloody awful. I’ve also managed to forget my tights and Janine has gone to get a pair for me. In the meantime, Helen and I are sat under a tree in what looks like the grounds of the secondary school we all went to. It’s a lovely sunny day and we’re faffing about with our dresses and getting confused as they don’t look quite right and so we try to decide if we should use petticoats under the dresses or not. The whole time we’re doing this, I’m thinking “Why haven’t we sorted this already?!” but I feel as though we have sorted it but it’s just not going right for some reason.

Then it suddenly jumps to it being my wedding day, in the same place and I’m in my wedding dress. I’ve been hiding somewhere and I’m panicking because I’m starting to realise that I can’t marry Dean because I’m in love with Bono. The next thing I know, I’m running down what I think we called the ‘language’ corridor in the school. I’ve hitched up my dress a bit so I run better and I’m going as fast as I can, pushing through guests, none of whom I recognise. I get to one of the ‘year areas’, still having to push through people and I’m in a complete panic thinking that I’ve left it too late. I get to another group of people and see Janine, with a Boots plastic carrier bag (my tights are in it) in her hand. I grab her by the shoulder and pull her round, “Where’s Mark?” I ask and then wonder who Mark is. “He’s in there,” she points to an office, “He’s getting ready.” I still have no idea who Mark is and ask if he’s in his suit yet. I then realise that if I’m marrying Mark, what’s the problem? The problem is, I don’t know Mark, along with the fact that I don’t know Dean and why was I about to marry him. Then, I see Mark through the office window. He’s tall, blonde, muscly and in a tuxedo and has a lovely smile. And I decide that I will marry Mark, even though I don’t know who he is because I quite like the look of him.

I wake up with U2’s ‘Stay’ in my head.

First, I feel the need to say that I never panicked like that on my wedding day, or in the run up to my wedding day. I am very happily married. Secondly, I’ve never wanted to marry Bono from U2. Thirdly, I have no idea who Dean and Mark are. I don’t know a Dean and I’ve never known a Mark that looked like that.

Interpretation using Dreammoods.com –

Secondary school – this refers to the bonds and friendships made whilst there.

Wearing a wedding dress – indicates the evaluation and assessment of a personal relationship.

Being a bridesmaid – this signifies a looming romance, also it could be the expression of the desire to be in a committed relationship.

Friends – seeing friends in a dream signifies aspects of your own personality that you have rejected but are ready to incorporate and acknowledge, or, dreaming of a friend can indicate positive news.

My thoughts?

My brother is getting married in September, and I’d just found out that two former colleagues of mine are also getting married in the same month. Plus, I have another good friend who’s getting hitched this year so I think that explains the wedding theme of the dream. As for wearing my wedding dress and earlier in the dream, a bridesmaid dress, I think that’s to do the fact that I had gone through some photo’s of my wedding day a couple of days before this dream. I can safely say it has nothing to do with a looming romance or the desire to be in a committed relationship. I’m in one. As for my friends, we chat online most days (we don’t live near each other) and the my old school? I spent the whole of my secondary school and sixth form life there, it will pop up from time to time.

Faces In The Ice

Pretty sure I’ve had this one a couple of times, but I can’t remember when I first had it.

I’m at the primary school I used to go to. There’s no one else about. It’s daytime but it’s a dull day, like it’s overcast, it’s very grey and cold. I think I’m wrapped up in a winter coat and scarf, I’m not sure. I don’t even know what age I am. Anyway, the place is deserted, I can’t hear any birds and I can’t feel any wind. I start to walk further into the playground, onto the one that was reserved for the bigger kids. The ground feels weird under my feet, it doesn’t feel like concrete like it should do. So I look down. The ground is ice, like it was a lake and it’s frozen. I can see things in the ice. It takes me a moment to realise  what I can see are faces. Dozens and dozens of faces with awful expressions on them.

I hate this one, very unpleasant.