Shopping and Seagulls

I’m not going to fully go into this dream from the other night because it was so damn long and didn’t make any sense what so ever. It jumped from day to evening with different people but it was very clear to me in the dream that it was one event.

It started with me and parents in a local supermarket (near my parents home) and my mum decides she’s done with shopping and wants to drive home, leaving my dad in the shop with all the shopping. In the car we get and my mum starts driving, only she can’t drive and we end up going the wrong way up the road as she tries to turn around to go get my dad. My brother is in the car with us.

Next, it jumps to us all walking down a street somewhere. It’s dark and my brother and I are chatting whilst our parents walk ahead. We stop to look at a wall for some reason, there’s gold coins at the foot of the wall.

Then it jumps back to day time and I’m with my mum and a group of people. It seems like we’re on a tour of some sort as we have maps and leaflets in our hands. It’s sunny but cold and we’re walking around the outside of a shopping centre in my home town. Everyone is having a good time apart from me because I should be going to meet my friend only I don’t know where my friend is. I keep walking with the group and we find ourselves in a covered area that’s filled with geese. The geese turn into seagulls. There’s a white cat eating a seagull only there’s no blood to be seen.

Sometime after this, I wake up.

First, I feel the need to to say that my mother is a very competent motorcyclist, and even though at times she forgets things, she’d never go the wrong way up a road in a vehicle she can’t legally drive or forget my dad.

Interpretation using –

  • Shopping – symbolises my needs and desires. I should consider what I’m shopping for.

  • Family – represents security, warmth and love. Or, bitterness, jealousy and rivalry depending on my relationship with my family.

  • Geese – represent domesticity and lifelong companionship. It could also indicate my tendency to go with the crowd

  • Seagulls – indicate a desire to get away from my problems or demands of life or it can symbolise my strengths.

  • White Cat – denotes difficult times.

My thoughts –

This is one random dream.


Brief and Odd

These were on different nights and this is all I remember of them;

  • Presenting an award of sorts to Sean Bean.
  • Shooting an action scene with Daniel Craig. We’re both dressed completely in black and he stops filming to show me that he has spam on his top.
  • Hugh Jackman is a bouncer at my local cinema. Only the cinema is downstairs instead of upstairs. I keep walking past him trying to get his attention.
  • Waking up next to Aiden Turner with paint on his face.

I’ve not watched anything recently with any of these guys in so there’s been nothing to influence my dreams, they are just incredibly random and there are no words to describe how odd the second one is but, hey, that’s my brain for you.

Needless to say, I’m not interpreting them. I don’t think it’s possible!

Keep dreaming!

Snippets Only!

The other night I had a long, strange dream which involved lots of things and a few people. Only thing is, I can’t remember it all!

I can however remember the odd thing;

  • Cycling

  • Misshapen golf balls

  • Railway tracks

  • A river

I’m just going to interpret those as best as I can!

  • Cycling/bike – this is about attaining balance in my life. I need to balance work and pleasure in order to succeed. It also means I want to move forward at my own pace.

  • Misshapen golf balls – a golf ball can symbolise a frivolous situation or matter. I shouldn’t let the small things get to me. I can’t find anything about misshapen golf balls

  • Railway tracks – indicates I have laid out a set track towards achieving my goals. Progress will be slow but steady.

  • A river – I’m going along with flow and letting life get away from me. I need a more decisive role in directing my life.

The only thing that makes sense to me here is about not letting the small things get to me. I always do and I know I shouldn’t. But why where the golf balls misshapen? They were slightly larger then they should have been and seemed to have been melted in some way. I remember thinking in the dream how I was supposed to play golf with them and starting to get angry. Strange.

As for the rest, I’ve set out a track to achieve my goals yet I need to be more active in finding a direction in life? Needing to find a balance in work and pleasure doesn’t work for me either. I’m out of work but fill my time with writing which I love and fit in my other hobbies in between.

Yet, I can’t say that this dream, like many of others I’ve had, has been influenced by something that has gone on in the days leading up to the dream.

Sean Bean, Can I Touch Your Hair?

I’m anxious. Really anxious. I have to give a presentation to a hall full of people and I really don’t want to. I’m not good with people, or talking so the idea of talking to a room full of people is terrifying to me. Also, I have no idea what the presentation is about.

I’m shaking, sweating and dizzy. The tightness in my chest is getting worse and as I peak through the curtain and see the hall filling up, a wave of nausea hits me. I find the nearest window, open it and stick my head out because no one will let me leave. They know I won’t come back.

As I do my best to breathe evenly, a group of men walk past talking and enter the building that I’m in. They’re here for my presentation. I peer through the curtain again because one of the men looked familiar. After a moment, the men take a seat and I recognise Sean Bean. I dart back to the window to breathe as panic grips me completely. I have to give a presentation and Sean Bean is in the audience. I don’t think I can cope. I tell the nearest person next to me who’ll listen.

“I can’t do this, I can’t. Bloody Sean Bean is here. I can’t talk to Sean Bean!”

“Don’t be daft,” the person says, “you’re not talking to one person, you’re talking to all of them. Are you sure it’s him?”

Not feeling any better, I drag them to the curtain, open it just enough and point out Sean Bean. They are satisfied that it is indeed Sean Bean.

The next thing I know, time has passed. I’m in some sort of restaurant and Sean Bean is there, sat at a small round table with the men he was with earlier. He’s talking away, nodding and looking all lovely like he does. I walk over and as I approach, he looks up and smiles at me. My heart flutters a little.

“ ‘Ey up lass,” he says, his Yorkshireness beaming out of him, “great speech.”

I’m relieved to know that the presentation is over and done with and it went well, “oh, thanks. Glad you liked it.”

“It were great, weren’t it lads?” he asks the other men, who agree, “very informative.”

“Good. Um, what was it about?”

He grins broadly, laughs and tells me I’m funny. I don’t argue.

“Can I ask you something?” I say, feeling oddly calm even though I’m talking to the one and only Sean Bean.

He sits back in his chair, “ask away, lass.”

“Um, can I touch your hair?”

I wake up.

I have no idea why I dreamed about wanting to touch Sean Bean’s hair. It’s not something I’m aware of wanting to do but I suppose if the opportunity presented itself, I wouldn’t say no.

The presence of anxiety in the dream is, I’m pretty sure, a reflection of how I’ve been feeling in real life as my anxiety has been rather bad recently. Luckily, I don’t need to talk to a room full of people otherwise I might take the dream as an omen and wait for Sean Bean to turn up. Hmm, if only…

Short, But Not Sweet

Hot, humid, covered in sweat, head at a funny angle, I wake to discover I’m sprawled out on a jungle floor. Foliage is partly covering me, it feels like I’m trying to hide from something. There’s a rustling nearby and then a face of sorts peers over me, a creepy white face that isn’t fully formed. I don’t move, and try not top breathe. It goes away. Because it thinks I’m dead.

I know I’ve got to get up, get to somewhere safe but I just can’t move. It’s not the complete terror that’s racing through me that’s stopping me. It’s the weird thing sticking out of my right shoulder and a sort of numbness. I try to move my head, but I can’t, it’s stuck at the weird angle with my cheek resting on my shoulder. Managing to move my left arm, I start feeling around my right shoulder trying to figure out what’s wrong. My hand comes away covered in blood, it feels like there’s part of me missing. I start tugging on the thing sticking out of my right shoulder thinking that’s what’s preventing me from moving but I just can’t budge it and I can’t get a decent grip because of all the blood. It’s then that I realise that the thing sticking out of me is what’s left of my arm.

Wake up gasping for breath.

This one left me feeling like I’d had it before, but it’s not one I remember. It also left me with a need to turn the light on.

I can’t explain this one, I’ve not been in a jungle, I only went out in the garden yesterday. The lawn may need mowing but it’s not quite a jungle.

I did however wake with my head at the angle it was in the dream so I can only guess that that might have been what set it off. I was fully expecting my arm to be dead but it wasn’t.

I just hope I have a nicer dream tonight!


My dreams of late have been plentiful and strange but I’ve not being able to remember them. I’m only left with hints of what could have been.

The other night, I woke with little flashes of two dreams. Only tiny little flashes mind you, images. Images of bath tubs. Yes, bath tubs.

The first dream, I was in the bath. It was filled with warm water and I was fully clothed but the clothes weren’t mine.

The second dream, I was in a dusty shed. There was an old bath tub in it.

Taking a bath signifies cleansing your outer and inner self, washing away difficult times. It could also be symbolic of ridding yourself of old ideas, notions and negative things.

To see or be in a bath tub suggests a need for self-renewal and escape from everyday problems.

I can’t say why I dreamed of bathtubs that night, nothing jumps out at me anyway but I don’t think it has anything to do with the above interpretations.

I don’t think I’ve ever dreamed of bathtubs before. I suppose there’s a first for everything.

Anyone else dream of bathtubs twice in one night?

Getting Beaten Up With Bond

It appears that I’m in the middle of filming something. There’s cameras, a director and one of those fluffy microphones being held above my head. Looking around I see the other actors, one is Daniel Craig and he’s in a tuxedo but looking scruffy, so I assume it’s a Bond film, there’s a woman and a dark haired man. Neither of them I recognise but they do look familiar. I can’t tell if it’s a set that we’re on or if it’s a real place but it’s a courtyard of sorts, looks like something that belongs in France or Spain. Definitely not English, it’s designed for nice weather. There’s a fancy black car in the courtyard too.

The director yells “action”, I get clouted on the back of the head with something and fall to the ground. Something similar happens to Daniel but I can’t see him properly as I’m trying to fight the dark haired man, who, is now hitting me in the side with what looks, and feels like, a metal bar. The director yells “cut”, the man helps me up off the ground and asks if I’m okay. I am.

This repeats itself a couple of times but with slight changes as though the director keeps changing his mind.

Then I get a strange feeling and I notice that the cameras have gone along with the director etc. Also, I know it’s not a set because I can see the night sky. Before I can do anything, I get hit in the ribs with the metal bar. My ribs crack. It’s not fake anymore. I fall back against something, a wall maybe, and I see the dark haired man coming at me again, metal bar mid swing. I can see Daniel Craig being strangled a few feet a way from me.

After ducking the next hit, I roll onto the ground, regretting it as my ribs make contact with the stone. I push my self up against the car. Laughing, the man stands over me,slapping the bar into his hand.

“This is hardly a fair fight,” I gasp through waves of pain hoping for some inspiration as me and Daniel are clearly losing., “I mean, one, your bigger than me and two, you have a weapon.” The man laughs more and I kick out at his knee caps, forcing him backwards. In an ungraceful manner, I crawl over the stone trying to get to Daniel with the idea of kicking the woman in the head when I’m grabbed and hit repeatedly.

After having the crap beaten out of me, I find myself bleeding and being dragged along the ground and left a couple of feet away from Daniel who has also had the crap beaten out him. The man and the woman stand over us both and after ripping our shirts open, proceed to’ torture’ us by tipping ice and ice cold water over us. Of course, for us, this is heaven, especially on our injuries.

I look over at Daniel, back down at myself, start to giggle and throw an ice cube over at him. He laughs too, throwing one back at me. We laugh harder, the man and woman look concerned.

I wake up wondering what the hell was going on, did we have a plan or something? Were we going to escape or die giggling?

Interpretation- (using )

  • Movie roll – foretells that something from my subconscious is about to emerge. It may also represent images from my past. Or, my subconscious is psychologically preparing me for a new role I may be undertaking.
  • Movie set – could imply that something in my life is not what it appears to be, maybe I am being mislead.
  • Night – could represent major setbacks in achieving goals.
  • Fighting – indicates inner turmoil, I’m in conflict with myself. Seeing others fight suggests I’m unwilling to acknowledge for my own problems and turmoil.
  • Ice cubes – these symbolise frigid emotions or it could suggest a need to cool off temper wise.
  • Laughing – suggests I need to lighten up.

My thoughts –

There’s so much going on in this one, it’s tricky to figure out what to pick out. The only things that makes sense to me there is about the ice cubes and laughing, I have been angry lately. The rest of it though doesn’t seem to apply to me in anyway. I do find it interesting how painful the dream was. Even though I’ve never experienced damage to my ribs in real life, I felt them crack in the dream and I felt every punch, every hit.

I couldn’t say what encouraged this dream as I haven’t watched a Bond film, or a Daniel Craig film for a good while. It’s quite possible my brain is trying to tell me I need a dose of both. Excuse me whilst I go watch Casino Royale.